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Sodexho Meal Pass and Gift Pass now accepted

With immediate effect Sodexho Meal pass and Gift pass shall be valid at Dal Fryday – Fine Indian Food. The passes can be used only for purchases related to food and beverages…

As Sodexho policy guidelines stipulate the meal passes and gift passes cannot be redeemed for cash.

The meal passes can be redeemed at our restaurant and for home deliveries. Kindly inform mode of settlement while placing your order

For table reservations and Home delivery please call 41104111

Restaurant open for Lunch 12:30pm to 3 :30 pm and for Dinner 7:30pm to 11 pm


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Boxer Pups

Received this email as a forward from a friend…its posted here in full…If you are an animal lover and have space at home for a little one, you will find this useful.

Dear Friends,

Sitara has produced 9 puppies – 5 male and 4 female – they were born on the 19th of July. They are all brindle with white markings with some being darker then the others. All have white paws with the white extending up the leg as ‘socks’ on some and as ‘stocking’ on others. Except for one, all have small or large amounts of white on their forehead.

With both parents being ‘show’ quality – Sitara herself won prizes as a pup and in the Junior category – we are expecting Rs.9000/- for the male puppies (Rs.8000/- for female) with full white collar and exceptional markings as these will definitely be show quality. For the less ‘showy’ ones we are expecting a thousand rupees less. Having said all that, what we are concerned about first and foremost is to pass them on to good homes and to good people who will care for their dog(s) and look after them well. The litter registration papers have been sent to KCI.

The pups will be ready to go to their new homes in the last week of August (when they are 5 weeks old). You are most welcome to drop by and see the pups anytime at our home in Whitefield.

With warm regards,
Shanthi & Ashish

Ashish & Shanthi Chandola

Ashish & Shanthi Chandola
A101/102, Victorian View
Borewell Road
Bangalore – 560 066

Phone: 080 28456287 Fax: 080 25560661 Mobile: 94483 55287; 9845400391

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Johnny Hart ~1931 – 2007

Johnny Hart Creator of the hilarious and sometimes controversial comic strip B.C and co creator of Wizard of Id.

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ZLiO Shop

An exciting new web 2.0 business solution for everyone.

Create your own online business with a Zlio Shop. It’s remarkably simple and you can set up your shop in 5 minutes flat…and the best part it’s absolutely free.

Read all about Zlio Shop here or here or read the Zlio blog.

Read my interview on ZLiO Blog titled ‘A very small world’

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Kurt Vonnegut Jr.~ 1922 – 2007

Kurt Vonnegut,(wiki) Author of Cat's Cradle, Slaughterhouse-Five and many other bestselling novels and essays on American counterculture, died a few hours ago after having sustained injuries in a fall at his Manhattan home several weeks earlier. He was 84.

Although he was disdained by some critics who thought his work was too
popular and accessible, his fiction inspired volumes of scholarly
comment as well as websites maintained by young fans who have helped
keep all 14 of his novels in print over a 50-year career. Five of his
novels have made the leap into films.
A few schools and libraries initially banned his book Slaughterhouse- Five because of its sexual content, rough language and depictions of violence, but it eventually became part of many high school curriculum a generation later.

Kurt Vonnegut has also lectured at the prestigious Harvard University in 1970-71.

In 1985 he was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Children’s Programme, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, for “Displaced Persons”.

Kurt Vonnegut has an asteroid named after him; and his literary alter ego named Kilgore Trout also died at 84.

New York Times has an obituary here.

RIP – Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt – RIP

Hat tip: sudhakar muthyala

Advertisement:Biography - Kurt Vonnegut

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Bloggers Code

The blogging world was shocked in the last week of March when Kathy Sierra (pic)received death threats in the blogosphere. It had to be serious for her to have canceled her appearance at Etech scheduled in a few days.

Read more of Kathy sierra Vs Chris Locke here and here and their final joint statement.
The blogging world has since then been deliberating on the ethical code of conduct after this call. Drafts have appeared here, and the final draft hopefully should appear here.

TOI today also carried this article posted in the NYT.

Guidelines – blogher

Have something to say??? Draft your version of the code….

Hat tip – Sudhakar Muthyala ( NYT article)

Advertisement:The Cluetrain Manifesto

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BBMP simplifies licence procedure

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