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Win Free Hosting @ Scratch Back

It’s not for any complicated reason that we say we live in a free world or at least some of us do…We have Free T.V, Free Software, Free Healthcare. Yeah, stuff that we hear all the time…all probably just an illusion. Here’s something that is not such an Illusion.


Between now and their August launch date, Scratch Back is giving away a free, lifetime, webhosting account.
Hosted on their supercharged, private, dedicated Rackspace server.

Your website or Blog or whatever you have, hosted for free…For Life!

Joining is simple… click here

The rules are simple

  • Step 1: Sign up for the launch list. If you haven’t done that already, you’ll need to be on the list to qualify.
  • Step 2: Simply write about this contest (your blog or website) and mention the Scratchback beta launch between now and our beta launch date in August.
  • Minimum 250 words, must link to
  • Step 3: Email us and show us the link where you wrote something.
  • Step 4: That’s it, you’re entered. We’ll pick a winner randomly right before we go live into beta.

Winners are randomly selected before they go Live with their beta version in August.

So what is scratch back…you wonder… well not much details are available except that it may be an online advertising solution similar to Chitika, Blogads, AuctionAds or TextLinkAds and Adbrite. Similar in that it’s a publishing solution, but totally different and unique in how it works.

This is in a limited beta which has already been filled up… but you can be an early bird and sign up now to stay with a chance of winning Free web Hosting For Life!


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The Pen

Was watching the hilarious Movie – Man of the Year ( I find most funny movies panned by the critics hilarious…well most anti – establishment movies are panned by the critics anyways, unless of course its a major bloop when they award someone like the classy Michael Moore) yesterday and Robbin Williams in it quotes a joke ( Here’s the Difference between Focusing on Problems and Focusing on Solutions) which did the rounds a few years ago on the internet about how NASA spent millions on the space pen and the Russians used a pencil instead…well here is the truth.

Interestingly Scientific American where the above link is also has a new puzzle called SCI – DUKO – A variation of the classic puzzle sudoku – played with letters from the English Alphabet. You are given a science related clue, the answer to which has nine letters which needs to be spelled out in one row or column of the puzzle.

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ZLiO Shop

An exciting new web 2.0 business solution for everyone.

Create your own online business with a Zlio Shop. It’s remarkably simple and you can set up your shop in 5 minutes flat…and the best part it’s absolutely free.

Read all about Zlio Shop here or here or read the Zlio blog.

Read my interview on ZLiO Blog titled ‘A very small world’

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Internet Radio

Its interNet radio thats keeping me awake late into the nights these days when I am not plugged into my DVD’s of The Monk episodes( cant wait for the new season in July)…or watching world cup cricket.

I have been listening to podcasts of stand up routines on comedy central but I am right now hooked on Scott mills act on BBC radio called Scott Mills Daily…It’s hilarious…go check it out…:)

This shocking news – Internet radio is dead – or maybe treat it as something that will pave way for something better.

google reader for feeds.

Advertisement: The Monk DVD season 1 to 4
Internet Radio , An activists handbook

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BBMP simplifies licence procedure

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Are you a gamer…???Are you a lover of the game of cricket?….It’s more likely that you are the later..well neways…here’s a fun game you can try your hands on…click here

Who do you think would win the cricket world cup…???Do you think Bangladesh would cause an upset win again, this world cup??? If you think you have the answers…go register yourself for free at cricketology and get yourself a chance to win some cool prizes – Samsung LCD TV’s, Cannon digital Cameras

I registered myself a few days back and voila I had 10000 free coupons emailed to me…this is what they had to say

“Thank you for registering at Cricketology.

You’re probably ready to start playing! But hey, if all of the teams at the World Cup get warm-up matches to get fighting fit, then it is only fair that the fans get the same.

So here goes….

We are putting 10000 FREE Points in your account for you to get a feel for the game.

To encourage you to continue playing, we are offering DOUBLE BONUS POINTS against each Cricketology purchase you make. Yes, you will get twice the number of FREE Points that wepromised with each purchase, credited direct in your account.

So, get that Cricketology lesson/book today and get ready for the rest of this World Cup.

Make your pick now. Are you game?

Good Luck,
The Cricketology Team”

Thanks Guys!

So…what are we waiting for lets go play…

Cricketology FAQ

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200 Calories

An interesting way to look at calories through this photo log

Very useful if you are on a diet or plan to take one…

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