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Boxer Pups

Received this email as a forward from a friend…its posted here in full…If you are an animal lover and have space at home for a little one, you will find this useful.

Dear Friends,

Sitara has produced 9 puppies – 5 male and 4 female – they were born on the 19th of July. They are all brindle with white markings with some being darker then the others. All have white paws with the white extending up the leg as ‘socks’ on some and as ‘stocking’ on others. Except for one, all have small or large amounts of white on their forehead.

With both parents being ‘show’ quality – Sitara herself won prizes as a pup and in the Junior category – we are expecting Rs.9000/- for the male puppies (Rs.8000/- for female) with full white collar and exceptional markings as these will definitely be show quality. For the less ‘showy’ ones we are expecting a thousand rupees less. Having said all that, what we are concerned about first and foremost is to pass them on to good homes and to good people who will care for their dog(s) and look after them well. The litter registration papers have been sent to KCI.

The pups will be ready to go to their new homes in the last week of August (when they are 5 weeks old). You are most welcome to drop by and see the pups anytime at our home in Whitefield.

With warm regards,
Shanthi & Ashish

Ashish & Shanthi Chandola

Ashish & Shanthi Chandola
A101/102, Victorian View
Borewell Road
Bangalore – 560 066

Phone: 080 28456287 Fax: 080 25560661 Mobile: 94483 55287; 9845400391


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Artistes Unlimited

Anindo Bose ( Son of my former boss Mr. Amitabha Bose) performs in Bangalore also as part of a FREE concert for AIDS awareness…details below.


Venue: Christ College, Hosur Road

Date: 6th & 7th July

Time: 7.30pm

Entry: FREE PASSES at Christ College

Contact: Mr. Sunil Chandy +91-988 644 2442 or Ajit Jacob at

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Nike Sale

Bangalore 7 – 10 June 2007 – RUN! 

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BBMP simplifies licence procedure

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Reached Quintura (a great new way to search) from Gapingvoid and created a Quintura cloud for DalFryday – will post the cloud here when I figure out how I can get it done…Among the many searches,Quintura listed Dal Fryday on so we got registered and updated a profile for Dal Fryday there. Sadly no reviews yet…am sure Meenakshi will write one soon.

Ok to clarify things here – people write independant reviews about the restaurant and Dal Fryday does not encourage any person to write favourable reviews about it… We have our limitations so an odd review would pop up once in a while….that is bound to happen coz its more likely that a bad review gets posted online than a good one…. Surely we will take it in our stride and correct ourselves …

"Always make new mistakes" -- Esther Dyson

And for all those kind reviews and comments people post on their blogs we are indeed very thankful.

This is also to thank all of you who email us or leave your feedback at the restaurant. Every feedback you give us is read and acted upon( If we possibly can)… we even went to the extent of reorganising our price points, consdering the fact that a commercial Gas cylinder, we use today, costs us Rs 843/- an increase of over Rs 100/- from last month, when that was what many wanted…trust me its not a very easy task to do…

Taking from what S told me the other day…Yes, its not getting any cheaper out there…

Oh! and about quintura…I think its going to take the web by storm…

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Be rewarded

Dining at Dal Fryday just got better. Order our or any food through Hungry and be rewarded with gift vouchers for Rs 200.00 which can be redeemed for your next meal at Dal Fryday*.

dalfryday_hngrybgl.gif dfd_hb_condi.gif

*Conditions apply

P.S Ok, Now this post is not inspired by the threshers virus…but it surely makes me feel nice that we are doing something similar without having know this stunt was exhibited even by Starbucks recently…lol…The only difference being, Starbucks had to put up a notice on their window saying ‘we dont accept these voucher’s inadvertently sent through email…'(not that anybody noticed) whereas, we didnt have to.

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Menu Revision Update

The revision of our menu scheduled for today has now been rescheduled for 25 December due to certain technical difficulties.

Also the Christmas celebrations this year shall be a low key affair due to  a demise in the family earlier this week. The plans for a special Christmas eve Buffet dinner followed by the traditional Christmas Lunch has therefore been shelved.

Dal Fryday will now operate with its regular menu till Christmas eve followed by the introduction of its new Menu on 25th December for Lunch onwards.

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