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Artistes Unlimited

Anindo Bose ( Son of my former boss Mr. Amitabha Bose) performs in Bangalore also as part of a FREE concert for AIDS awareness…details below.


Venue: Christ College, Hosur Road

Date: 6th & 7th July

Time: 7.30pm

Entry: FREE PASSES at Christ College

Contact: Mr. Sunil Chandy +91-988 644 2442 or Ajit Jacob at


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Save the Nilgiri Elephant

1000 signatures is all that is being asked in a hope to save the Nilgiri wildlife from the unplanned and mindless destruction in the name of development.
Please support and help save the Nilgiri’s…

For the campaign to succeed it is essential that people do not register / post as anonymous….

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Development at what Cost

Save the Elephant Habitat in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

In the Nilgiris Eastern Ghat Elephant Reserve, part of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and proposed Sathyamangalam Wildlife Sanctuary, a railway line would pass through 58 km of dense forest area requiring 30 meters on either side from the centerline of the track all along the length of the proposed railway line in forest area for about 58 km. That includes approach road to track space for collection of ballast and for any emergency recoupment of materials near the track passing through erstwhile Veerappan territories like Talawadi, Gattawadi and bannari. On completion, the railway line would have 277 bridges, 138 curves and 61 tunnels. Imagine about the men and machinery that will move into this elephant habitat once the construction works get started (even the survey work requires `felling of trees of spontaneous growth in meager level wherever is necessary).

sign petition

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10 green websites you should be reading

Essential reading…if you relate to conservation and nature…

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10 Green websites you should be reading

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Whoops…did I read that right?

Fact or fiction…you figure it out!

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San Francisco Bans bottled water– For a very different reason though.

The other day a guest at the restaurant remarked…”is this the best brand of bottled water you got?” Well…this is the best brand.

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Boneless Chicken

We know you wouldn’t be amused… but we are just kiddin…:)

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�The next time you insist ‘boneless’ be vary of what you may be served…

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Nike Sale

Bangalore 7 – 10 June 2007 – RUN! 

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