Seth Godin – India Trip Soon?

Seth Godin the best selling author of Business books ( Permission Marketing , The Dip) creator of Squidoo and of numerous Public lectures may possibly be visiting India soon.

Andy wickett, the former lead singer for the popular band Duran Duran is now in India and is working on a few animation projects in Chennai, when he arrived a few weeks ago had exclaimed when he got off his flight… ” What’s going on here?”

Thats precisely the sentiment voiced by most tourists who visit this country and are thrown straight into the cauldron of chaos on their first visits. Quoting Sudhakar Muthyala… (watch this space for the link to his blog coming soon)…who recently told me “Far from the orderliness of The Americas and Europe where every thing is ‘proper and boring’… imagine standing in a queue for almost everything, wearing your business suits for work…the randomness and madness on the streets and possibly about everywhere in the cities in India is what makes it so different and surprising…imagine a cow crossing the streets in India as you walk by…or the painted vehicles the colours the smell…you would never find these in America or Europe…”

The consulate in American may therefore, inadvertently of course, have been preparing you for the culture shock thats in store for you… which am sure you would thoroughly enjoy… We look forward to yor visit…Mr. Godin…Bangalore on your itinerary???



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