We like it when people talk about us

I received a comment in my previous post which directed me to a couple of comments posted on Burrp. The person who had posted the comment on my blog was kind enough to say what he / she thought about us.

I realised a few things today… no matter how many people tell you that you have a good product. No matter how many times you have heard the words…man you guys rock or well just about anything that people say that cheers you up. It’s always from the people who have had high expectations and have been disappointed that comes, what can possibly do the most damage.

I was told by a family member when we started up, to pin up the comments we receive on the function board on display as one enters the restaurant. What we did was to display then the good and the bad comments we received. Of the many comments we had received we had good and great reviews, we also got a few comments that trashed us. To display the ‘bad’ ones on the function board as a friend remarked ” needed a lot of courage”. Maybe he was right, maybe we needed a lot of courage to display something that trashes us for what we believed in doing.

I guess the idea is to be open…with the things that we do…we like feedback…we genuinely appreciate it when people say good things about us and we equally appreciate it when someone has something to say that we need to know…that may not be nice to hear. We understand that its very difficult to please everyone…but we sure like to learn from you and adapt.

So the next time you have some not so nice words to say just remember… we are willing to listen… and maybe the next time you say nice things to us don’t be surprised when we ask you to email us those words.

Talk to us


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  1. Pradeep said

    Thanks Manisha…:)

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