Having nightmares? Having trouble interpreting your dreams? Look no further. Sawlogs is here. As their tag line goes – Dream it, Log it, share it. Create an online journal of your dreams and share it with others. If you would like an interpretation of your dreams… you can get this done discreetly too if you so wish.

Dream interpretations are not new and has been online for some time now but sawlogs apparently has introduced a community-oriented setting for dream interpretations. Dreamcrowd is another such site.

I find this strange coz I can’t remember a dream I have had in a very very long time…Guess that’s good coz I have been having sound sleep for many years now w/o any nightmares.

I hear YouTube offering 50/50 ad share for video ads through a revenue sharing model soon…? Wow if this turns out to be true there could be more money in your kitty if you are a content creator… and more cam phones on your face…and if short video clips on YouTube is just not your fix, find full length TV programs online with blinkx. Now before you get excited it’s not going to be free. You may probably have to go over to iTunes to view such content by shelling out some dough.

Talk about user generated content and here’s a report in eMarketer on the hopes and fears of such content. Google or someone else must be working on a program to filter the rush of user generated clips that would appear on the likes of You tube or the controversial utube. Surely someone is going to get rich, just remember there are perils associated with being suddenly rich.



  1. Naim said

    Hi from Morocco

    I just came here by chance. A nice blog.


  2. saw this said

    Kinda unfair. I like your food. Very much.

  3. Pradeep said


    Was disappointed myself when I read the comment on Burrp… But then thats how it is…sometimes we have to take the flak too. Not everybody has to say Yes.

    It’s heartening to see when people say they like the food…To them a big Thank you. To those who don’t we are willing to listen.

    Diners tell us they enjoy our food though not as many go online and say it…:)

  4. Jon said

    Hello Pradeep, another good site to record and find out more about your dreams is It’s more focused on visually helping you find the messages in your dreams.

    Jon … get the message!

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