What’s in the box?

So you like the Biryanis we are dishing out huh? Thanks Ritesh that was very kind.

So here’s what we have planned…we plan to go the Levi’s way or is it Allen Solley…? I guess its the latter.

Pretty soon we plan to introduce a special discount offer ( 6% to 25%) for groups having lunch at Dal Fryday. We are currently working on the modalities… The brief is something like this…Let’s say you are a group of 6 people for lunch at Dal Fryday. You will be entitled to a 6% discount on your food bill and if you are 15, the math is simple you will get a 15% off.

So what if you are 30? In such an ‘unlikely’ scenario you would get 25% off on your ala carte Bill. We have had a few groups of 25 people lunching with us this month… we would like to see this number increase.

Why this offer?

We would like the young corporates to come and enjoy a meal at Dal Fryday, and offer them something in return….

We have been getting requests to extend the special offer we had been running the whole of April. Well, we would perhaps reintroduce the offer later.

Other offers we are currently deliberating on.

Corporate Discount : Produce your company photo ID and avail 10 % off on your lunch bill.

Special offer: Match the date and Number of persons – Avail 15% off on your Lunch bill if you are a group of 15 having lunch on 15th of the month. Yes you can get 31% off on the last day of the month…:)

Introduction of these offers would be intimated in advance. Would be valid for Lunch only and would applicable after the current offer expires.

So get ready… as we say here at Dal Fryday…there is always something to cheer.


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