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Seth Godin – India Trip Soon?

Seth Godin the best selling author of Business books ( Permission Marketing , The Dip) creator of Squidoo and of numerous Public lectures may possibly be visiting India soon.

Andy wickett, the former lead singer for the popular band Duran Duran is now in India and is working on a few animation projects in Chennai, when he arrived a few weeks ago had exclaimed when he got off his flight… ” What’s going on here?”

Thats precisely the sentiment voiced by most tourists who visit this country and are thrown straight into the cauldron of chaos on their first visits. Quoting Sudhakar Muthyala… (watch this space for the link to his blog coming soon)…who recently told me “Far from the orderliness of The Americas and Europe where every thing is ‘proper and boring’… imagine standing in a queue for almost everything, wearing your business suits for work…the randomness and madness on the streets and possibly about everywhere in the cities in India is what makes it so different and surprising…imagine a cow crossing the streets in India as you walk by…or the painted vehicles the colours the smell…you would never find these in America or Europe…”

The consulate in American may therefore, inadvertently of course, have been preparing you for the culture shock thats in store for you… which am sure you would thoroughly enjoy… We look forward to yor visit…Mr. Godin…Bangalore on your itinerary???



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We like it when people talk about us

I received a comment in my previous post which directed me to a couple of comments posted on Burrp. The person who had posted the comment on my blog was kind enough to say what he / she thought about us.

I realised a few things today… no matter how many people tell you that you have a good product. No matter how many times you have heard the words…man you guys rock or well just about anything that people say that cheers you up. It’s always from the people who have had high expectations and have been disappointed that comes, what can possibly do the most damage.

I was told by a family member when we started up, to pin up the comments we receive on the function board on display as one enters the restaurant. What we did was to display then the good and the bad comments we received. Of the many comments we had received we had good and great reviews, we also got a few comments that trashed us. To display the ‘bad’ ones on the function board as a friend remarked ” needed a lot of courage”. Maybe he was right, maybe we needed a lot of courage to display something that trashes us for what we believed in doing.

I guess the idea is to be open…with the things that we do…we like feedback…we genuinely appreciate it when people say good things about us and we equally appreciate it when someone has something to say that we need to know…that may not be nice to hear. We understand that its very difficult to please everyone…but we sure like to learn from you and adapt.

So the next time you have some not so nice words to say just remember… we are willing to listen… and maybe the next time you say nice things to us don’t be surprised when we ask you to email us those words.

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Having nightmares? Having trouble interpreting your dreams? Look no further. Sawlogs is here. As their tag line goes – Dream it, Log it, share it. Create an online journal of your dreams and share it with others. If you would like an interpretation of your dreams… you can get this done discreetly too if you so wish.

Dream interpretations are not new and has been online for some time now but sawlogs apparently has introduced a community-oriented setting for dream interpretations. Dreamcrowd is another such site.

I find this strange coz I can’t remember a dream I have had in a very very long time…Guess that’s good coz I have been having sound sleep for many years now w/o any nightmares.

I hear YouTube offering 50/50 ad share for video ads through a revenue sharing model soon…? Wow if this turns out to be true there could be more money in your kitty if you are a content creator… and more cam phones on your face…and if short video clips on YouTube is just not your fix, find full length TV programs online with blinkx. Now before you get excited it’s not going to be free. You may probably have to go over to iTunes to view such content by shelling out some dough.

Talk about user generated content and here’s a report in eMarketer on the hopes and fears of such content. Google or someone else must be working on a program to filter the rush of user generated clips that would appear on the likes of You tube or the controversial utube. Surely someone is going to get rich, just remember there are perils associated with being suddenly rich.

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The Pen

Was watching the hilarious Movie – Man of the Year ( I find most funny movies panned by the critics hilarious…well most anti – establishment movies are panned by the critics anyways, unless of course its a major bloop when they award someone like the classy Michael Moore) yesterday and Robbin Williams in it quotes a joke ( Here’s the Difference between Focusing on Problems and Focusing on Solutions) which did the rounds a few years ago on the internet about how NASA spent millions on the space pen and the Russians used a pencil instead…well here is the truth.

Interestingly Scientific American where the above link is also has a new puzzle called SCI – DUKO – A variation of the classic puzzle sudoku – played with letters from the English Alphabet. You are given a science related clue, the answer to which has nine letters which needs to be spelled out in one row or column of the puzzle.

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We could help

This afternoon I had a conversation over the phone with a person on a business offer they wanted for their office located near Mayo Road. Am sure you would have reached us through here…at least I am  hoping that was the case…

Anyways, I was expecting the email you were supposed to send me. My fault I didnt ask you for your contact number.

So, If you look us up over here once again you could maybe email us if the offer is still open… we may just be able to help.

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What’s in the box?

So you like the Biryanis we are dishing out huh? Thanks Ritesh that was very kind.

So here’s what we have planned…we plan to go the Levi’s way or is it Allen Solley…? I guess its the latter.

Pretty soon we plan to introduce a special discount offer ( 6% to 25%) for groups having lunch at Dal Fryday. We are currently working on the modalities… The brief is something like this…Let’s say you are a group of 6 people for lunch at Dal Fryday. You will be entitled to a 6% discount on your food bill and if you are 15, the math is simple you will get a 15% off.

So what if you are 30? In such an ‘unlikely’ scenario you would get 25% off on your ala carte Bill. We have had a few groups of 25 people lunching with us this month… we would like to see this number increase.

Why this offer?

We would like the young corporates to come and enjoy a meal at Dal Fryday, and offer them something in return….

We have been getting requests to extend the special offer we had been running the whole of April. Well, we would perhaps reintroduce the offer later.

Other offers we are currently deliberating on.

Corporate Discount : Produce your company photo ID and avail 10 % off on your lunch bill.

Special offer: Match the date and Number of persons – Avail 15% off on your Lunch bill if you are a group of 15 having lunch on 15th of the month. Yes you can get 31% off on the last day of the month…:)

Introduction of these offers would be intimated in advance. Would be valid for Lunch only and would applicable after the current offer expires.

So get ready… as we say here at Dal Fryday…there is always something to cheer.

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Johnny Hart ~1931 – 2007

Johnny Hart Creator of the hilarious and sometimes controversial comic strip B.C and co creator of Wizard of Id.

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