There’s always something to cheer…

At Dal Fryday there is always something to cheer. We understand this more than many others… with the world cup knock out of the Indian team bringing a pale of gloom everywhere we all need something to cheer.

Starting today ( 24 March) we have a few exciting offers at Dal Fryday…

Offer 1

  • Order a Shaukeen ke Liye (Veg Platter) and avail 10% off on your entire bill.
  • Order a Shaukeen ke Liye (Non Veg Platter) and avail 10 % off on your entire bill.

Offer 2 – Download and Print this discount coupon produce it at Dal Fryday and avail 20% off on your Lunch* bill ( valid for lunch only between Monday and Thursday).
Tip: Download / save image and print. For larger image of coupon click here

Please consider the environment before printing this message…print it on the back of a used sheet of paper…well…just innovate:)

Offer 3 – Order one dessert with your meal and get one absolutely Free*.

OK, should the Indian team miraculously qualify for the next round with Bermuda beating Bangladesh…we would only be happy to extend the offer till April 28th. Now cheer up and get out of your homes or give the remote to the ladies.

*( offer 1 and offer 2 cannot be combined) (offers 2 and 3 are valid only for dine ins)

**The above offers are valid till 28th April.

***However we shall hold the right to extend or discontinue all or part of these offers anytime before April 28th as deemed fit



  1. Shirsha said

    cool, somebody takes our stand, finally!
    Btw, the offers sound lip-smacky, yummm!

  2. Ashley said

    Yeh the offers sound yummy. I should make that trip to your rest happnen soon :).
    BTW the logo is very nice. I like it.

  3. Shakil said

    Checked out your menus – the PDF ones are sitting right here on my desktop – and being abroad in a place with very few Indians, makes it all the more enticing. Sounds great. And judging by the quality of the blog [attention to detail], the comments [all praises] it should be one helluva-good-place-to-eat. Altho I don’t live in B’lore – I would like to go there just to visit “Dal Fryday”. In the meantime, I will recommend it to my 3 friends living there.

  4. Pradeep said

    Thanks Shakil for all the kind words you say.
    Do leave a comment if your friends decide to visit us and we shall take care of them:)

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