Mobile spamming

Seth Godin has a new post on Email Spamming. Was reading the post ( ironic) when my mobile rings…I look at the phone and its an unknown number. I usually pick up the phone with unknown numbers coz its on this phone that many customers call to place orders for home delivery. I say hello and the squeaky male voice on the other end starts to talk about “a” bank he represents and goes on to detail on some stupid product he has on offer.

6 seconds into the conversation I disconnect the call and add the number to my phonebook. Yes, I add these numbers to my phone book and list them under ‘RUBBISH’. I probably must have been under some stress when I named it Rubbish… I should have titled it something else…in hindsight I guess its fair calling it so. There are close to 23 numbers on that list… Is that a high number…??or is anyone counting???

So…again a few hours later it starts all over again…Am at work …things are a little heated up here and bang I get an sms… I get irritated sometimes when I am disturbed in the middle of something…I pick up my mobile with its light flashing and on the screen is a message from ‘rubbish’…Dang…I start deleting the message without opening it and there comes another…wtf…bang… another… and another and you wont believe this…I get one more…!!! Five friggin spam sms in less than 10 seconds…That guy who sent it must sure be talented…

I stand up…my bowels in an uproar now…excuse myself from whom I was with walk to my office…pick up the land line and dial the number from which I got the stinking sms’.

The call is answered by a lady who announces it as a bank… I wait for her to do her bit and ask her… is this 411*****. She says ‘yes’…and I give her a piece of my mind… she goes ‘hey listen’…I tell her ‘No!! you listen…you call up whoever it is you have to call…that number belongs to you and tell them to STOP sending sms’ to me or calling me… I have no interest in what you have to sell me… STOP SPAMMING… or this wont be the last you hear from me….’

Its been three hours now… my phone’s silent… but clearly I am stressed a bit… I wish the game later today improves my mood…

Remember having read a post on Airtel being sued for such telemarketer calls. Watch this space I am going to have some fun…


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  1. stephen marcoz said

    true man true but the fact remains sometimes when you dont stop and listen you end up regretting.

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