These past months have been hectic

Havent been blogging about the happening at Dal Fryday for some time since January…Mostly because at many times I wasnt sure of what to blog. Work has been quite hectic…sometimes stretching to 16 – 17 hour days… and so much fun doing it.

We have been having focussing on streamlining a lot of the internal operations of the workings at the restaurant. It has been quite fulfilling though, these past three months. Sales has been healthly with the graph looking up and bringing cheer…costs starting to get under control…Guests feedbacks being generally very positive and lots of repeat guests.

We have been having the usual problems too…some of which dont hold me by the neck and shake me anymore…have got used to the set backs and have been focussing on them and trying to sort them out. I just call these ‘occupational hazards’.

Staffing…One major issue has always been retaining key staff…and or finding replacements for staff that leave you after the salary date… We have been fortunate somehow, that we have managed to find replacements in time or earlier and many of the replacements have performed better than their predecessors, something thats slowly given us confidence and belief in the fact that nobody is indispensable.

Purchases. I remember, when we were just starting out we wanted to get our purchaes done on credit, only to find no one really wanted to bet their money on some new ‘guys’ on the block. We did manage to get a vegetable supplier whom we have retained till date… but the provisions was a tough ask…we did manage to get someone to supply provisions at a fixed rate only to find that two months into the business the prevailing market rates for provisions were lower than the rate we what we had signed up for . Now we do most of our purchases regularly from Metro …I say mostly coz Metro does not have the permit in Karnataka to sell pulses, rice etc.

Whats new –

New Snacks Menu We would be serving up our very own snacks menu between 3 and 7 pm daily…starting late March or early April…and also with more juices / beverages on the menu…, and No, we still find aerated beverages unattractive.

Special Offers… New discounts offers for lunch on weekdays shall be introduced shortly. We are also working at online discount coupons to be freely downloaded and used at Dal Fryday ( watch this space for more info). We would also be distributing Gift vouchers. These are planned only for dine ins and not for home deliveries.

Sodexho Coupons – We are working on accepting Sodexho coupons at the restaurant. This feature would be introduced very shortly.

I may blog infrequently about the restuarant in the future too… although there is so much more that I could write now…:)


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  1. stephen marcoz said

    when you love the job you do,you wont mind being busy prad.looking forward to dining at your restaurant someday.

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