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The Slow Food Movement

Some days ago I had received an email on the slow down culture. This had got me thinking. The concept is very current and has made remarkable inroads in the popular imagination of people inEurope…here’s the site. It was founded by Carlo Pertini, an Italian Food and wine journalist in 1986 to tackle the fast food culture and super market homogenization when McDonalds ( Golden arches of gross)opened a fast food outlet at the foot of the spanish steps (Piazza di spagna) in Rome.

logo_testata.gif The movement is fast catching up the world over.Today the organization is active in 50 countries and has a worldwide membership of over 80,000. Care to join the movement? It’s not an easy option though, even as more people are opting to join the slow food movement in a nation known for its fast food.

Song for this post : Radiohead – The Tourist ( which has a chorus…”Hey man slow down, slow down/Idiot slow down, slow down”)

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There’s always something to cheer…

At Dal Fryday there is always something to cheer. We understand this more than many others… with the world cup knock out of the Indian team bringing a pale of gloom everywhere we all need something to cheer.

Starting today ( 24 March) we have a few exciting offers at Dal Fryday…

Offer 1

  • Order a Shaukeen ke Liye (Veg Platter) and avail 10% off on your entire bill.
  • Order a Shaukeen ke Liye (Non Veg Platter) and avail 10 % off on your entire bill.

Offer 2 – Download and Print this discount coupon produce it at Dal Fryday and avail 20% off on your Lunch* bill ( valid for lunch only between Monday and Thursday).
Tip: Download / save image and print. For larger image of coupon click here

Please consider the environment before printing this message…print it on the back of a used sheet of paper…well…just innovate:)

Offer 3 – Order one dessert with your meal and get one absolutely Free*.

OK, should the Indian team miraculously qualify for the next round with Bermuda beating Bangladesh…we would only be happy to extend the offer till April 28th. Now cheer up and get out of your homes or give the remote to the ladies.

*( offer 1 and offer 2 cannot be combined) (offers 2 and 3 are valid only for dine ins)

**The above offers are valid till 28th April.

***However we shall hold the right to extend or discontinue all or part of these offers anytime before April 28th as deemed fit

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Mobile spamming

Seth Godin has a new post on Email Spamming. Was reading the post ( ironic) when my mobile rings…I look at the phone and its an unknown number. I usually pick up the phone with unknown numbers coz its on this phone that many customers call to place orders for home delivery. I say hello and the squeaky male voice on the other end starts to talk about “a” bank he represents and goes on to detail on some stupid product he has on offer.

6 seconds into the conversation I disconnect the call and add the number to my phonebook. Yes, I add these numbers to my phone book and list them under ‘RUBBISH’. I probably must have been under some stress when I named it Rubbish… I should have titled it something else…in hindsight I guess its fair calling it so. There are close to 23 numbers on that list… Is that a high number…??or is anyone counting???

So…again a few hours later it starts all over again…Am at work …things are a little heated up here and bang I get an sms… I get irritated sometimes when I am disturbed in the middle of something…I pick up my mobile with its light flashing and on the screen is a message from ‘rubbish’…Dang…I start deleting the message without opening it and there comes another…wtf…bang… another… and another and you wont believe this…I get one more…!!! Five friggin spam sms in less than 10 seconds…That guy who sent it must sure be talented…

I stand up…my bowels in an uproar now…excuse myself from whom I was with walk to my office…pick up the land line and dial the number from which I got the stinking sms’.

The call is answered by a lady who announces it as a bank… I wait for her to do her bit and ask her… is this 411*****. She says ‘yes’…and I give her a piece of my mind… she goes ‘hey listen’…I tell her ‘No!! you listen…you call up whoever it is you have to call…that number belongs to you and tell them to STOP sending sms’ to me or calling me… I have no interest in what you have to sell me… STOP SPAMMING… or this wont be the last you hear from me….’

Its been three hours now… my phone’s silent… but clearly I am stressed a bit… I wish the game later today improves my mood…

Remember having read a post on Airtel being sued for such telemarketer calls. Watch this space I am going to have some fun…

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New to Blogging…?

Being a ‘new’ blogger can be a nervous experience…When I had started blogging a couple of years ago..I started of as someone who know very little about the task… I learnt the ropes on my own as there was very little help available or I didn’t know where to look.

Thanks now to the blogging community, every blogger worth his/her salt has a section on their blog dedicated to helping the newbies…with the task of putting up a good blog. Liz Strauss of successful blog has a detailed post for beginners here. Liz also lists one of my other blogs Funny Emails as a successful and outstanding blog. Thanks Liz!:)

Also suggested reading Kathy Sierra’s “Seven Blogging Virtues.and ProBlogger’s-Blogging for Beginners.

Some new security news on Blogger

Read this and this

This blog is test posted using Scribe Fire an add on for Firefox earlier known as performancing.

Advertisement: Rough Guide To Blogging, More Suggested Reading

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Internet Radio

Its interNet radio thats keeping me awake late into the nights these days when I am not plugged into my DVD’s of The Monk episodes( cant wait for the new season in July)…or watching world cup cricket.

I have been listening to podcasts of stand up routines on comedy central but I am right now hooked on Scott mills act on BBC radio called Scott Mills Daily…It’s hilarious…go check it out…:)

This shocking news – Internet radio is dead – or maybe treat it as something that will pave way for something better.

google reader for feeds.

Advertisement: The Monk DVD season 1 to 4
Internet Radio , An activists handbook

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BBMP simplifies licence procedure

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Are you a gamer…???Are you a lover of the game of cricket?….It’s more likely that you are the later..well neways…here’s a fun game you can try your hands on…click here

Who do you think would win the cricket world cup…???Do you think Bangladesh would cause an upset win again, this world cup??? If you think you have the answers…go register yourself for free at cricketology and get yourself a chance to win some cool prizes – Samsung LCD TV’s, Cannon digital Cameras

I registered myself a few days back and voila I had 10000 free coupons emailed to me…this is what they had to say

“Thank you for registering at Cricketology.

You’re probably ready to start playing! But hey, if all of the teams at the World Cup get warm-up matches to get fighting fit, then it is only fair that the fans get the same.

So here goes….

We are putting 10000 FREE Points in your account for you to get a feel for the game.

To encourage you to continue playing, we are offering DOUBLE BONUS POINTS against each Cricketology purchase you make. Yes, you will get twice the number of FREE Points that wepromised with each purchase, credited direct in your account.

So, get that Cricketology lesson/book today and get ready for the rest of this World Cup.

Make your pick now. Are you game?

Good Luck,
The Cricketology Team”

Thanks Guys!

So…what are we waiting for lets go play…

Cricketology FAQ

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