Christmas Night

Christmas night. Busy night. Happy business night. period.

Ignatius John and Family was here for a quiet Chritsmas dinner. A few friends from Accenture and oracle came over for lunch and Dinner respectively.

It was a very healthy crowd at the restaurant for a weekday night…was disappointing the turn out was not as much as we had anticipated for Christmas night. We had some very good numbers for home deliveries though:)

Saw a group of nine leave the restaurant coz we did not have a bar…now thats disappointing…will have to look at alternates to hold the liqour happy crowd visiting Dal Fryday. I thought they would be back after a few drinks elsewhere… turned out that was just wishful thinking.

Christmas week has been relatively low key…in hind sight it was a wise move actually, not to have the Christmas eve andChristmas Lunch buffet although that was mainly due to a tragedy in the family. We did a short survey this afternoon asking diners if they would have liked a buffet lunch today just one couple said they would have liked one. I did find two or three online searches for “Buffet at Rs 80 Bangalore” that landed on Dal Fryday blog…got me wondering… Do people really search and hope to find buffets for Rs 80/- during Christmas in bangalore??? Oh! do let me know if you find one…

Listed are some of the searches that landed here….

Search Views
bangalore christmas buffet lunch 80 1
Sexy Aunty available at bangalore 1
head rs 80 buffet 1
fabmall 1

The new menu has been quite well received today…except for one guest who still felt that the choice still needed improvement, I did not find any among the 40 odd guest feedback received today, that was marked “to Improve” under the head – choice.

Talking about Christmas week John was telling me about how it has slowly turned out to be low key affair at most hotels these past few years for Christmas… he also mentioned it would be similar for New years…”Long weekend people tend to travel out of the city” he said… speaking to a General manager of a Five Star hotel who had told him earlier…”John, gone are those days when Chrstmas and New years used to be busy time for Hotelliers…we take is easy these days.The season will swing around only after the first week of January…” he added

February will be big this year…he said…with the air show happeing then, most hotel rooms have already been booked. No rooms available in Bangalore, he said…. A five star hotel would be charging Rs 15000.00 per night on an average during this period. This would help the hotelliers tide over the bad last two weeks…he said sounding hopeful… not very good news…I thought.
I called up a few friends / people involved in the similar trade to find out if they had a good last week…I got mixed responses… not encouraging actually…I am now wondering how it would have been in the city.

Here’s hoping the ‘ good people’ are back in town after their vacation and hopefully bring good cheer around….


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  1. neko said

    merry xmas, man! 🙂

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