Menu Revision

Our Menu is scheduled for its first revision later this month. This would happen by 22 December. The second draft of this revision has been completed and has been sent for print… we should be receiving the proof of the menu by Monday and the new menu should be with us by 20th.

This new menu will see some more additions in the vegetarian sections…this is a development that was planned and is a part of the process by which the menu at D A L F R Y D A Y will evolve. We have also taken off some of the non popular dishes and irregular dishes from the menu…

We have consciously decided to keep off exotic dishes from the menu till we are ready and sure that there is a market for it on Banerghatta road. D A L F R Y D A Y was conceived initially with just one idea – to refine the concept of a dhaba and that the food should necessarily be prepared the way it is done at homes in the north of India. I think we have fairly succeeded in this.

Our revision of the menu has been based on the feedback we have collected from guests who have dined with us over the past months. The feedback generally has been very positive…although we have received some very constructive criticisms on some aspects of the Dining experience, which are…

  • Vegetarian choices too few – The new menu will address this.
  • The service is slow – This generally happens on weekends, when there is a sudden surge in guest arrival and many of them are not prepared to wait for the usual 20 minute time lag between order taken and food being served.
  • Prices are high – Many people compare us with some of the finer restaurants in the city….but when it comes to the pricing, the comparison shifts to the standard south Indian restaurants serving passable food nearby. We understand the diners concern and we have addressed this price issue…but there are costs involved for running and operating a restaurant – Trust me its not always the prices that will decide the quality of the food you eat…make sure you get good unadulterated food at which ever restaurant you eat…

Continuing on this…D A L F R Y D A Y does not say it uses permitted colour or flavorings in its food. In fact we do not use any artificial colouring in the food at all. Also our food is passionately prepared by people who understand good hygienic home cooking. The masalas we used are very unique and our very own…we use proprietary products but these are used in conjunction with our own preparations to give that distinct flavour of simple home cooked food. Some of our dishes are the common ones that are not found on regular restaurant menus…as was commented recently by a guest Mr Arvind Pandit, recently – ” Great food! I am glad Kichdi was on the menu. Very interesting and unique menu.”

If you have not tried D A L F R Y D A Y yet, give it a try and be pleasantly suprised…and if you have been a regular with us, as some of you are… be doubly surprised when you find the more popular of the dishes and the ones that you have enjoyed these past four months come back to you at a better value

We thank you for your good wishes and support.


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