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Be rewarded

Dining at Dal Fryday just got better. Order our or any food through Hungry and be rewarded with gift vouchers for Rs 200.00 which can be redeemed for your next meal at Dal Fryday*.

dalfryday_hngrybgl.gif dfd_hb_condi.gif

*Conditions apply

P.S Ok, Now this post is not inspired by the threshers virus…but it surely makes me feel nice that we are doing something similar without having know this stunt was exhibited even by Starbucks recently…lol…The only difference being, Starbucks had to put up a notice on their window saying ‘we dont accept these voucher’s inadvertently sent through email…'(not that anybody noticed) whereas, we didnt have to.


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Christmas Night

Christmas night. Busy night. Happy business night. period.

Ignatius John and Family was here for a quiet Chritsmas dinner. A few friends from Accenture and oracle came over for lunch and Dinner respectively.

It was a very healthy crowd at the restaurant for a weekday night…was disappointing the turn out was not as much as we had anticipated for Christmas night. We had some very good numbers for home deliveries though:)

Saw a group of nine leave the restaurant coz we did not have a bar…now thats disappointing…will have to look at alternates to hold the liqour happy crowd visiting Dal Fryday. I thought they would be back after a few drinks elsewhere… turned out that was just wishful thinking.

Christmas week has been relatively low key…in hind sight it was a wise move actually, not to have the Christmas eve andChristmas Lunch buffet although that was mainly due to a tragedy in the family. We did a short survey this afternoon asking diners if they would have liked a buffet lunch today just one couple said they would have liked one. I did find two or three online searches for “Buffet at Rs 80 Bangalore” that landed on Dal Fryday blog…got me wondering… Do people really search and hope to find buffets for Rs 80/- during Christmas in bangalore??? Oh! do let me know if you find one…

Listed are some of the searches that landed here….

Search Views
bangalore christmas buffet lunch 80 1
Sexy Aunty available at bangalore 1
head rs 80 buffet 1
fabmall 1

The new menu has been quite well received today…except for one guest who still felt that the choice still needed improvement, I did not find any among the 40 odd guest feedback received today, that was marked “to Improve” under the head – choice.

Talking about Christmas week John was telling me about how it has slowly turned out to be low key affair at most hotels these past few years for Christmas… he also mentioned it would be similar for New years…”Long weekend people tend to travel out of the city” he said… speaking to a General manager of a Five Star hotel who had told him earlier…”John, gone are those days when Chrstmas and New years used to be busy time for Hotelliers…we take is easy these days.The season will swing around only after the first week of January…” he added

February will be big this year…he said…with the air show happeing then, most hotel rooms have already been booked. No rooms available in Bangalore, he said…. A five star hotel would be charging Rs 15000.00 per night on an average during this period. This would help the hotelliers tide over the bad last two weeks…he said sounding hopeful… not very good news…I thought.
I called up a few friends / people involved in the similar trade to find out if they had a good last week…I got mixed responses… not encouraging actually…I am now wondering how it would have been in the city.

Here’s hoping the ‘ good people’ are back in town after their vacation and hopefully bring good cheer around….

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Merry Christmas

                         Wishes you all a very




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Menu Revision Update

The revision of our menu scheduled for today has now been rescheduled for 25 December due to certain technical difficulties.

Also the Christmas celebrations this year shall be a low key affair due to  a demise in the family earlier this week. The plans for a special Christmas eve Buffet dinner followed by the traditional Christmas Lunch has therefore been shelved.

Dal Fryday will now operate with its regular menu till Christmas eve followed by the introduction of its new Menu on 25th December for Lunch onwards.

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How to read a masala dosa

Image courtesy

Received this by email today…it was to have been posted on my Funny Emails blog. Thought it would be more relevant to the readers here…:) read on its Hilarious

There are many ways to eat a masala dosa. I have seen people approach the dosa as if it is on an operation table as they carefully open the dosa, see if everything is ok and then proceed to eat it as if it is an open dosa. I have seen people eat all the masala and then wonder what to do with the rest of the dosa. I have also seen people carefully plan and eat the dosa and then throw away most of the masala. What ever the way you eat, there is a very good reason you do that. It shows some traits of the person that is you.

Case 1: People who open the masala dosa and eat it:
These are the people who are very open about their life. Everyone would know all about him/her. I have generally seen guys do this rather than girls. Some people think that it is a gross way of eating but in truth, these people are just portraying who they are and how their life is.

Case 2: People who start from both end and approach the masala later:
These are the people who like to wait for the exciting things to come to their life. Sadly when the times comes, they are not too interested or just do not know how to enjoy it to the fullest. These are the folks who just want life as either dry or exciting. They just do not know how to phase their life and enjoy it no matter what. There are two types of people within this group

Case 2.1: People who do not finish all the masala:
These folks just do not care as much for the fun times as they are already brought down by the harsh reality of life. The dry periods in their life has left them with so much scars that they do not want to be really happy when the time is right. They just take only as much as they needed and end their life. A very sorry state indeed.

Case 2.2: People who finish all the masala with the little dosa they have:
These are the folks who just are the extremes. They just go all out in life. No matter it is dark or bright. They may not enjoy life to the fullest but they sure make sure that they get every single good and bad thing out of life. Sometimes these folks are really hard to get along with. They are either your best friends or your worst enemies. They do not have a middle path at all.

Case 3: People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends:
These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life. Usually these guys finish of the good portions in a hurry and get stuck with nothing but worst parts of their life. The thing to note among these people is that the tendency to burn out very early in their life. Like the above case, there are two kinds of people in this group too.

Case 3.1: People who do not finish the dosa:
These folks are really the saddest of people. They are the ones who tend to end their life as soon as it hits the bad patch. For them, they only need and want the best things in life and nothing more. Typically, they are not prepared or tuned to life as a whole. They just want to enjoy from first till last. Sadly, no one in the world can live without even an ounce of sadness in life. Not even the richest of the richest. But to self destruct at the mere sign of distress is very bad. That is what these guys tend to do. Some learn to live life but most of them do not.

Case 3.1: People who do finish the dosa:
These folks are the typical human beings. We all enjoy the greatest of times in life and push the sad parts thinking about the great times in life. Typically the plate is clean and nothing is left for fate or in life. Happiness and sadness are part of life and these guys know that and are kind of prepared for it. Life is not always happy but there are moments of happiness here and there.

Case 4: People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts for the whole dosa: These people are very rare. These are the people who like to attain balance in their life. It is hard to displease these people and it is hard to make them really happy.They like their balance and are very protective of it. Sadly these are the people who tend to be lonely as anyone else may upset the balance of their system. Perfectionist to the core and are very careful. These guys do not make the best company but are needed in any group to make the group from going hay wire.

Case 5: People who do not share and eat the dosa as if it is precious:
These folks are very protective about their life. They do not want anyone to come and interfere in their life. They like to hide their true nature and intensions for their benefit. Beware of such people as they are in every group for their own need and nothing else.

Case 6: People who offer their first bite to others:
These guys are overly friendly. They do anything to be part of a group and make everyone feel like the group is important than the individuals.They are the glue that holds any group together. They are very friendly and bring the best of all the others in the group. They go out of their way to help other friends. Most groups should have a person like this and they are the ones who plan the group outings and other group activities. Once this person is out of the group, typically the group slowly falls apart.

Case 7: People who take one or two bites and then offer the dosa toothers:
These guys care about friends and friendship but they take their time to get into the group. They take their time in making friends and they typically are very committed once into the friendship. These guys like to always be in the side lines and typically do not jump into anything in life. They always take their time to analyze the situation and then make a decision. These guys take the better safe than sorry approach.

Case 8: People who wait for others to make the offer first:
Typical people I must say. They are unsure about everything. Even if they wanted to offer, they will wait till the other person offers the food first. If the other person is silent, so are these people.They are the followers. They do most of the things in life with respect to other people’s choices and advices. Even if they have a terrific idea, they will pitch it to someone else and get their advice before proceeding. Sadly, most of the elderly world like these types of people.

Case 9: People who offer dosa only when they cannot finish it on their own:
You all may be familiar with these kinds of people. People who are very generous only when all their needs are fulfilled. These folks are selfish but at the same time not misers or greedy. They just want to satisfy themselves before they give it to the world. They typically do not stuff themselves nor do they tend to starve. They are very good people who would give you the best of advices in life. They would make sure that you are not sad following theiradvice.

Case 10: People who offer the whole dosa and eat from othersplates: These folks are other extreme. They know what they want, they get what they want but they cannot enjoy what they want.Instead they tend to settle for other things in life which satisfies the needs but does not satisfy the person completely.These guys are termed as born losers cause even when they have the thing they wanted, they can’t stop others from stealing it from them.

So next time you sit with a person eating a masala dosa, look closely and see if he falls into one of the above categories. You may be surprised as how much it reveals about the person.

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Menu Revision

Our Menu is scheduled for its first revision later this month. This would happen by 22 December. The second draft of this revision has been completed and has been sent for print… we should be receiving the proof of the menu by Monday and the new menu should be with us by 20th.

This new menu will see some more additions in the vegetarian sections…this is a development that was planned and is a part of the process by which the menu at D A L F R Y D A Y will evolve. We have also taken off some of the non popular dishes and irregular dishes from the menu…

We have consciously decided to keep off exotic dishes from the menu till we are ready and sure that there is a market for it on Banerghatta road. D A L F R Y D A Y was conceived initially with just one idea – to refine the concept of a dhaba and that the food should necessarily be prepared the way it is done at homes in the north of India. I think we have fairly succeeded in this.

Our revision of the menu has been based on the feedback we have collected from guests who have dined with us over the past months. The feedback generally has been very positive…although we have received some very constructive criticisms on some aspects of the Dining experience, which are…

  • Vegetarian choices too few – The new menu will address this.
  • The service is slow – This generally happens on weekends, when there is a sudden surge in guest arrival and many of them are not prepared to wait for the usual 20 minute time lag between order taken and food being served.
  • Prices are high – Many people compare us with some of the finer restaurants in the city….but when it comes to the pricing, the comparison shifts to the standard south Indian restaurants serving passable food nearby. We understand the diners concern and we have addressed this price issue…but there are costs involved for running and operating a restaurant – Trust me its not always the prices that will decide the quality of the food you eat…make sure you get good unadulterated food at which ever restaurant you eat…

Continuing on this…D A L F R Y D A Y does not say it uses permitted colour or flavorings in its food. In fact we do not use any artificial colouring in the food at all. Also our food is passionately prepared by people who understand good hygienic home cooking. The masalas we used are very unique and our very own…we use proprietary products but these are used in conjunction with our own preparations to give that distinct flavour of simple home cooked food. Some of our dishes are the common ones that are not found on regular restaurant menus…as was commented recently by a guest Mr Arvind Pandit, recently – ” Great food! I am glad Kichdi was on the menu. Very interesting and unique menu.”

If you have not tried D A L F R Y D A Y yet, give it a try and be pleasantly suprised…and if you have been a regular with us, as some of you are… be doubly surprised when you find the more popular of the dishes and the ones that you have enjoyed these past four months come back to you at a better value

We thank you for your good wishes and support.

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D A L F R Y D A Y reviewed

Dining at dalfryday can surely be a pleasant experience… as reviewed here by Bangalorebelly and on Mouth shut more reviews are anticipated…burrp!.com

Honestly… the restaurant tends to get pretty crowded on weekends…and therefore for a quiet and enjoyable meal a weekday or a weeknight is most definitely advisable. Table reservations are advised for dinners on weekends Call 41104111 OR 26092363

Dalfryday also makes dining more comfortable for you by providing home deliveries around Banerghatta road within a radius of 4 Kms…

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