Biryani Merchant shuts shop

One of my favourite biryani hotspots in Bangalore shuts shop.

Sometimes I wonder if Bangalore is really ready for good food??? Owning a restaurant and being in the industry for over a decade is no consolation that people will appreciate food, forget good food. I feel many diners have their judgements based on food that they have eaten at the oh so many cheap ‘multicuisine restaurants’ in the city.

I have nothing against the Andhra Restaurants or the Sagar’s all over the city…they serve some rocking south Indian food….but what they do with food from the north and China…well…I guess its too late now…
Its sad to see Biryani Merchant go…hopefully they will come back and come back soon…

It is sometimes not a viable option to set up shop where real estate costs Rs 120 / sq feet in rentals and expect volume turn over…. I wonder if it was the pricing that did you in…. Your Biryanis were great Mr. Shenoy…and its really sad to see you go…



  1. Sagar said

    Pls open the once favourite lip smacking enterprise.We are there with you.

  2. Hi there
    Closing down of a Bangalore based Biriyani shop shouldn’t bother me much, that’s out of my reach (I am from Singapore) and having high cholesterol problem 😦 , but I am compelled to leave a message here.

    Actually this is just a reply to the comment above (Sagar). I am one of the 2 author of Big Bang Bong, and last time I checked Sagar got nothing to do there! So I am confused, why his URI is linked to BBB?

  3. Pradeep said

    Honestly, I have no idea why he ( Sagar)must have done that…maybe he likes your blog that he’s trying to give you a little link love…

    Btw your blog has a very cool theme…

  4. Hey Pradeep, no worries, that’s just something funny.
    Thanks for the compliment – credit goes to my co-blogger Tinkerbell.

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