November begins with a bang

Rajyotsava divas, November 1st , a local holiday saw business at D A L F R Y D AY at an all time high…record sales for lunch and dinner happened. We were almost worried at one ponit if we would run out of chicken and mutton….Thinking about it now I get a laugh…thankfully we managed to get about 10 kilos of fresh chicken late last night and tide over this crisis.

The rush was unprecedented although we have had a few such days earlier. I think we need to change the way people dine here in bangalore. It all happens between 9 pm and 10:30pm when everyone lands up and everyone hopes to find a table inside. With only 62 covers this unfortunately is not possible and sadly and lot of people had to be turned away yesterday. We are now looking at taking reservations for dine ins very shortly. This we feel would certainly help….coz if guests start calling in we would be able to advice them on possible busy hours which they could avoid and also maybe take their orders in advance…
We also tried doing Buffets one sunday night hoping to get everyone in to dine,to avoid having to send people away for want of tables. Buffets helped to a very large extent butwe also found that a lot of our guests preferred A la Carte to Buffets.

People find it difficult to go for buffets coz they feel that the food served on buffets are generally rechauffed. This is certainly not true at D A L F R Y D A Y, we prepare all our food fresh…you will vouch for it when you have dined with us…none of our food served on the buffets  are rechauffed. I make sure this does not happen…but I find it difficult to convince people…Offereing a veg buffet at Rs125/-per head may have made people think so. We decided to take off buffets lunches because of this very reason and also because there were not many who were keen on Buffet lunches anyway. We may reintroduce lunch buffets if we find there is a demand. We do better buisness with an Alacarte menu than when we have a buffet so its going to be a little tricky reintroducing then at the earlier price levels.
We were also disappointed again yesterday when we had to turn away atleast 25 to 30 guests as we couldnt accommodate them for dinner. Its strange we have some tables going vacant between 7:30 pm and 8:30 pm, I feel, if only guests were to come in a little earlier they wouldnt have to go back disappointed. But I guess with the working population this is not possible and the only time they get to dine is between 9:30 pm and 10:30 pm.

Coming to think of it even families came in yesterday when we were very busy…I guess their reason was probably the traffic on banerghatta road… suggest people make use of Hungry Bangalore or our phone numbers (41104111) and make table reservations if they plan to come in during peak hours.


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