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Take a look at Veoh

I watched The Da Vinci Code on it late last night…pretty cool.


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Hawker post

There is a hawker on banerghatta road…comes around…7 pm puts up a blue tent and sells Hawker food…you will spot them oppostite HSBC… serves food on a steel plate laced with Butter paper, ( quite hygenic) considering the water they may probably be using to wash plates…stays open till a lil past midnight.
Hey! am a lower of hawker food…I have learnt of some real wild spots, dishing some amazing ‘fingerlickinggood’ food, which I would probably list out sometime later…this one is quite good…the Ghee rice I had a couple of days ago deserved mention in these pages…

If your consititution is not strong you may avoid this but if you have strengthened ur guts eating street food then give it a go… Go alone if u cant convince anyone to eat there and dont forget to wash ur hands…before eating…

Psst Psst…it is good.

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Use Gmail to Generate Unlimited E-mail Addresses:

Source unknown

Gmail has an interesting quirk where you can add a plus sign (+) after your Gmail address, and it’ll still get to your inbox. It’s called plus-addressing, and it essentially gives you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to play with. Here’s how it works: say your address is, and you want to automatically label all work e-mails. Add a plus sign and a phrase to make it and set up a filter to label it work (to access your filters go to Settings->Filters and create a filter for messages addressed to Then add the label work).
More real world examples:
Find out who is spamming you: Be sure to use plus-addressing for every form you fill out online and give each site a different plus address.
Example: You could use for for
Then you can tell which site has given your e-mail address to spammers, and automatically send them to the trash.
Automatically label your incoming mail: I’ve talked about that above.
Archive your mail: If you receive periodic updates about your bank account balance or are subscribed to a lot of mailing lists that you don’t check often, then you can send that sort of mail to the archives and bypass your Inbox.
Example: For the mailing list, you could give as your address, and assign a filter that will archive mail to that address automatically. Then you can just check in once in a while on the archive if you want to catch up.

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Our very own D A L F R Y D A Y search engine…

Powered by google…NOT!!;)

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Lyrics Plugin

Get the lyrics when you listen to your favorite songs on Winamp and Win media here

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Stumble Upon

‘Chanel surf’ the net to discover great sites at stumble upon ( Warning…its addictive)


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All are invited…

If you are in Hyderabad on November 25th…

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