A tough one week

Last week was tough, operationally. Got a first hand feel of rampant staff paoching in Bangalore…way too many restaurants way too many offers for the staff working to decide to jump at the smallest hint of a visible carrot.

Lost 4 staff to this menace last Monday. Dalfryday operations didnt suffer much as we hadplanned for back ups for any such eventuality.

We didnt want to compromise on our service standards so had opted for a week of tempting buffets.

I have been very busy the last week to even make entries on the buffets menu the whole of last week… We have settled down now. Ffull service with our A la carte Menu will begin in a couple of days.

We plan to offer home deliveries by the 15th of November. We have been regretting party and outdoor catering offers for some time now…Once deliveries begin we shall also be taking up these offers.

“Its all part of the learning curve” said a diner last week, small setbacks and we are glad these setbacks have come on early and we have been able to handle them reasonably well… Tough choices…great lessons and wiser by the day….

Hey! and we didnt have any credit card server bungle this last week end… which was cool!



  1. sumne said

    Interesting blog, you have going here..
    Looking forward to visit your restaurant..

  2. Neha said

    hey.. you should update the buffet menu link… SOON 🙂

  3. Pradeep said

    Hey! Tx Sumne,
    Would suggest you visit and try our Tandoor and buffets for Lunch and dinner. We would be back very shortly with our a ala carte menu when we address a temporary setback we are facing currently.

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