Credit Card Server Bungle

Friday Nights are busy…saturday nights busier…Sunday nights…

Its been a month since we started operations…the feedback so far has been very encouraging…well, we also have had our setbacks both internally and guest related… one such has been with the credit cards….

Bangalore is busy on the weekends that we have been having troubles with our EDC machines that process credit card transactions at the restaurant. The trouble we feel is that the servers of the bank processing the Cards are not able to take the Saturday load between 8:45 pm and 10:30 pm.

This has left a few guests who dined with us last night with quite unappreciable experiences.

D A L F R Y  D A Y  regrets the inconvenience this has caused to a few diners at the restaurant yesterday. We have taken up this issue with the bankers.

Although they have assured us that the problem shall not reoccur we feel that guests who dine with us over this week end and the next may please carry some cash on them to avoid any diificulties.

This is only a temporary problem we have been told and we are hopeful that it gets fixed at the earliest. Kindly bear with us.


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