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Word Press rocks!!!

I am so glad I have moved to word press from blogger. Well too many have blogged about the cracking features Word Press offers so I wont elaborate….

Added a New "My Music" page to my blog. Tagged today on to My Music page. I also listen to Blog Exposion Radio ( my previous post) which is awesome.

Check out Blog Explosion



  1. Hi there – chanced upon to your blog today. I did not know that you had already linked My Dhaba here. Thanks pal.

    Bonne chance with your restaurant. Where is the location of dalfryday? Cheers!

  2. Pradeep said

    Tx VK…been reading your blog for a while now…when this blog was also on blogspot…gr8 blog. Good work.

    About D A L F R Y D A Y – It is an Indian restaurant coming up on Banerghatta road just after IIM-B , HSBC above fabmall. We are scheduled to open in July.

    Tx for dropping by.


  3. Bex said

    WordPress is great, isn’t it? I was never a big fan of Blogger really, but there’s so much going on in WP development that it’s hard to keep up sometimes!

    Take care

  4. Pradeep said


    True!Been finding something new to do on WordPress everytime… 🙂

    It was fun in the begining on Blogger to but I guess blogger lost its way somewhere…way too many problems publishing etc.

    I get some serious hits on WordPress…managed some 9000 hits on Funny Emails when it was on Blogger for 12 months. I am surprised at almost 600 hits on wordpress in a week of moving it there.

    Well thanks for dropping by…

  5. Frances said

    My main blog is at Blogger and sometimes oh man do I get aggravated.
    Good luck here at WP
    Found you BlogExplosion.
    Have a fabulous 4th,

  6. Pradeep said

    You could move your entire blog to WordPress with a few easy steps just follow the instructions here.
    I know how you feel…Blogger offers features…but of late they have been experiencing a lot of publishing trouble with no one offering any serious help.
    Wordpress as I said rocks…but you will find their coding process a little cumbersome and they do not allow remote posting and javascript codes to be put on ur blog.
    Its still awesome
    Thanks for visiting and a fabulous 4th July…

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