Work Starts on the interiors

Civil work at the site began today. Work on the interiors start Monday. Traditionally as is customary work begins with the breaking of a coconut. For us it began with the breaking of a wall for the service access….:)

Spoke to Amit this morning and he had some difficulty in organizing his work force for the Interiors this week. He had informed us that it would start middle of this week. Our first delay…we are almost a week through June…every day from first of June will cost us money – 2000 bucks a day…Hmmm

Will be taking a metal fabricator to work on the fabrication of a metal door for the service access and for the Gas bank and charcoal bin. We plan to house them just below the stairway.

Spoke to P, the person who will install the Genset at our place. It was tough catching up with him. Finally got P to come to Lipton this morning and finalized proceedings. We sign off on the Genset tomorrow and I pay him the necessary advance. He has the Genset ready – a 20 KVA equipment. P says, he has to get the shell for soundproofing readied. I told him I’d pay the advance and he can get this organized. This has been agreed upon. I pay him an advance of 2 months tomorrow. Earlier last week I spoke to another gentleman from Bangalore to provide us with a Genset. He was charging us twice the amount we will be paying P. I have realised…negotiate without disclosing the location of the site for best deals….

Gunakar, my colleague from my previous job is visiting Bangalore next week.

Finalised on the tiles for the wall today. 12 x 8 white / offwhite tiles. we require ~600 sqft. Will pay an advance later tomorrow. Also took the chef and visited Pottery town on Monday last. Picked up two tandoors ( clay ovens) for the restaurant. Finalised the rate at Rs 10000/- for two tandoors. This rate is inclusive of transportation and installation at site. The chef will oversee its installation which in all probability shall happen on Wednesday next.

Placed the order for Kitchen equipments and the exhaust last week. Have to place the order for cutlery and crockery. This will happen on Friday or Saturday when John returns from Pondicherry.

We have worked on a few ideas for the logo. Sidharth, Sudhakars son, would be working on the logos for us. Find below a few of his workings…some Interesting designs…however these have not been chosen. We have decided to keep the logos simple, bold and without any confusion and yet must display an element of class…which is what we are striving to achieve.

Some Logos

1. Too stylish…very common…chocolate wrapping for valentines…no!

 2.The tag line is a definite no no…   

3. Although I liked the font and the structure…

 4.  A font similar to a Dashiell Hammet novel????


5. I liked this but the L and the F got too close for comfort  

6. I liked this too…but…not just there yet     Ok, people talk to me…

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