Service Access Ready

The service access to the restaurant is ready. It took them two half days – yesterday and today to complete the fixing at the site. The stairs appears to be quite sturdy and ready to take the load.

A shot of the stair from above. ^

Also marked the equipment placement on the kitchen floor earlier today. We have managed to space in quite a few stuff comfortably…giving the kitchen a slightly uncramped feeling…Most restaurants try to cramp their kitchen just to increase the covers in the restaurant. We decided to go against this way of thinking… we have our own reasoning. I am sure we will be able to justify this decision as time goes by.

Met the new bank manager today. The earlier Manager was transferred to Madras a couple of weeks ago. I had called on him to discuss the loan terms once again… had a few points clarified…which was kind on the new manager to do so…This would certainly avoid some anxious moments later on. Will have to sit with the CA now to device strategy on the spending…which would happen soon.

Will also be placing the orders for the kitchen equipments next week. The fine tuning of the interior design is also complete…Have to give the go ahead to Amit. This is also expected to happen soon.

Bangalore of recent is seeing a spurt of new restaurants and activities in the city. I hope the high rentals dont kill of these restaurants.

Umerkot – Named after the Birth Place of Emperor Akbar is the name for a swanky new Indian Restaurant in Kormangala. It had its soft opening earlier this week and would be opening its doors to the general public very shortly.

Cool Joint…I have always wondered what gets the crowds to throngh this nodescript eatery in Jaya Nagar. I have blogged earlier on this joint when I heard for the first time that this eatery has a turnover of Rs 1.5 lakhs daily. I am skeptical, however the crowds I see infront of cool joint…when I pass through Jaya Nagar makes me wonder if that is really true…I am slowly getting conviced that this is highly likely.

A New Residential Landmark is coming up in bangalore on kasturbha Road. Rumour has it that a duplex here is priced at 7 crores. If that price tag got you gaping, lsten to this, even if you have deep pockes to shell out 7 crores for a Duplex here, chances still is that you may not be invited…yeah, you heard it right. Owner ship to an address here is by invitaion only…

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  1. Dsouza said

    Cooljoint(Coomercial street as well as in Jayanagar )provides variety of Menu Items at very good quality at very cheaper rates .so i think when ur able to get good foods at cheaper rates crowd is generally expected.the person who taste once always feel to be there at weekends.

  2. Pradeep said

    D’souza…quite true…if only others were able to replicate successful systems like that. Although I do not believe that making food cheaper essentially would result in food being appreciated by the masses. I am not too sure if their commercial street venture is as sucessful as the Jaya nagar venture. I owe their success largely to the location, Jayanagar is a fabulous location.

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