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It struck me today that I must tag all the newspapers I read on to the blog. Though I keep track of a few Indian dailies on a regular basis I am not a very regular reader of the international dailies. I have been looking at a few of them at times when looking up specific information. Then this thought that since I visit the blog quite often it would be easier to track the dailies from here instead of a longer route that I have always been using…

…and then I came across this great site while browsing…

Watching AmericaA compilation of news articles from the world over on America. A website that translates all news about America from the original posts into English.  ” translates foreign news about the U.S., to enable Americans (and all English speakers) to read what is being written about them and their country throughout the world. Much of our content is available nowhere else in English”.

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I.T debate

I got this mail this evening in all its colourful glory. At first I thought it was a propaganda started by the machinery that always works in top gear whenever the Govt. that be, faces the wrath of a large section of the masses for its careless and insensitive policies. Having had that impression I read through the mail in full. Pretty scary I felt…I must admit…I read through the mail as a salaried employee of an organization and not as a person grappling with the machinery to find his feet as a self employed businessman.

I must say I felt, the benefits accrued through waivers and exceptions would disappear in one stroke if the policies were implemented. This was my first impression. I do not have any access to people well versed with the policies and IT act of 1961 to guide me through the implications of the mail, however I have set the ball rolling…the mail as instructed shall be forwarded to people in the know….so that I may be briefed appropriately.

I am also posting the mail here for the others to read….please leave your comments to the mail ID’s listed below and also enlighten me on the ramifications if time permits you, dear reader.

Having read through the mail I also googled to see if this is another one of the Hoaxes in circulation. Luckily or unluckily, as some may call it, I didn’t find anything on the web to list it as a hoax…in turn I found the complete list of tax exemptions in the website mentioned in the mail.

Pass the word around and let your voice be heard… Listed below is the copy of the email I received in original


Hi All,

It is heard that Congress government is planning to scrap tax exemptions on various policies like LIC, NSC, HRA, Mutual Funds & Other section 80C benefits (Exemptions Upto 1 lakh).

What does that mean:
– You cannot get tax exemtions on your HRA, i.e. No business of showing House rent agreement & receipts. You will be taxed on the whole HRA.
– You cannot claim tax exemptions by showing LIC Polocies or by having NSC Bonds.
– You wouldnt’ be able to get tax exemtions on Housing loans.
– No Tax benefits on Mutual/Infrastructure bonds.

What does government wants:
Government is targeting the salaried people and is making sure that no tax exemptions can be availed and thereby collecting as much tax as possible from our salaries.

What does government wants us to do:
This is in discussion and government wants people to provide their feedback on these future decisions and will thereby decide by the number of feedbacks received.

** Your feedback is important and will decide how much of our Hard earned money is going to government. **

Please write a short email any one of these guys stating whether you want goverment to continue or discard these exsisting policies by 5th July 2006.

Ms. Anita Kapur, Joint Secretary, TPL-I, Room No. 147-B/I, North Block, New Delhi.
e-mail: or

Ms. Monica Bhatia, Director, TPL-I, Room No. 147-D, North Block, New Delhi.
e-mail:  or

Ms. Pragya S. Saxena, Director, TPL-II, Room No. 147-E, North Block, New Delhi.

IT is also displayed in the running messages in the Incometax department of india website ..
Your comments are very importent.
Please forward it to all u know…..

Remember guys its time to make difference, So please dont forget to email your comments and to Forward this email to as many people (Friends, colleagues, relatives).
The more the NO’s , the lesser the chance of discarding these exisiting policies..



For more information on the above you may also read the forum opened on The Economic Times – ET Blogs and join the debate here

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I have seen grow at such a rapid pace that recently I have decided to hop on to the bandwagon and not be left out…and today…

I have created a new group on…If you would like to join please register for free at

This is a space is for Indians ,Bangaloreans, and people new to Bangalore to network and connect…

Happy Networking

About MySpace

This is what MySpace says about itself and find out if you are six degrees of separation from that popular Hollywood / Bollywood star crush of yours…;)

MySpace is an online community that lets you meet your friends’ friends.
Create a private community on MySpace and you can share photos, journals and interests with your growing network of mutual friends!
See who knows who, or how you are connected. Find out if you really are six people away from Kevin Bacon.

MySpace is for everyone:

  • Friends who want to talk Online
  • Single people who want to meet other Singles
  • Matchmakers who want to connect their friends with other friends
  • Families who want to keep in touch–map your Family Tree
  • Business people and co-workers interested in networking
  • Classmates and study partners
  • Anyone looking for long lost friends!

If it is not too late, I guess you should also start networking….:)

Some useful Links to MySpace

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Looking to start your own business?

Ok, so you want to make a million dollars in 90 days…quite possible it says…Read the post here

We have, over the year, had personal experiences of people ready to invest in any project if you have a good story to tell. Not that we aren’t any good at story telling… If you have been reading this blog for long you will agree…Jokes apart  the folks who are ready to invest money in any good sounding project will not be willing to play their money expecting to get a return of say 20% and their principal investment back. They always want to come in as equity partners.  Nothing less.

This would mean that any project that would be funded by a private party, the party shall come in with a stake in your company unlike a bank which will fund you giving you a rate of interest at which you will return the entire loan amount back in a fixed term period. Period.

Private investors stay on to rake in profits as long as the company stays on making them. You will do all the hard work and they will reap. Not a good position to be in right? Maybe yes and maybe not….Most banks refuse to fund a good idea on principles alone….they would like a collateral security first and then followed by your net worth to even consider reading your business proposal. However getting funded through banks are not always difficult if you have the requisites… most start ups don’t, which is where private investors come into play.

We preferred the bank simply to prevent any dilution to the equity we will hold…but if you have a good story to tell…smiley’s account could just be an ego boost for you… 🙂

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BE radio

I have been listening to BE(Blog Explosion) Radio recently. If you have a blog and been wondering how to have some exposure for your blog for free then suggest you have a look at Blog Explosion – its a blog traffic exchange site.

BE radio went live on 20th may and I have been hooked on to it ever since. It gives you mystery credits just for listening to BE radio which you may exchange for traffic to your site… all at no cost.

If you arent a member at Blog Explosion yet, its easy and free click here…
Listen to BE Radio even if you dont have a blog

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Joined Seventymm today. Its an online DVD rental portal comparable to netflix offering services in India. This is what they say about themselves…

Seventymm is India’s largest online movie rental service, offering access to over 10,000 titles. We not only provide you with the most expansive selection of DVD/VCDs, but also an easy way to choose the movies. We deliver the movies that you choose to your doorstep and pick them up after you’ve watched them, shipping and pickup is absolutely FREE of cost. More…

It costs about Rs 199/- per month for 4 DVD movies a month (Rs 549/ month for unlimited DVD’s) plus a registration fee of Rs 499/- and a refundable deposit of Rs 999/-

The above prices are valid till 30th May. They have a fairly good collection and hopefully it would grow… I took the early bird offer, if interested you may also Click here to join

Seventymm Bangalore Helpline : 41467070, 26620151

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My blog is worth More…

My blog is worth more….interesting…!!! 🙂 well this was when the blog
was hosted on Blogger…

My blog is worth $564.54.
How much is your blog worth?



My blog is worth $1,129.08.
How much is your blog worth?


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