Yesterday at Anekal

Received a set of conditions from our bankers along with the sanctioning of the loan last weekend. One of the conditions they laid out was to get the lease deed registered. Having figured out where to get the lease deed registered, I decided to go there myself and figure out how this could be done. Spoke to the Manager and she informed me that the deed should be registered at Anekal.

Left home for Bannerghata and stopped over at the site. Antony who was carrying out the waterproofing work had informed me that he would start the work at 10:30 am. My travel from where I stay right now to Bannerghata takes about a couple of hours with the heavy traffic. Told Antony I’d reach there at 12:30p.m. I reached there at 12:15p.m. and found Antony and his work men had still not arrived…

Dang! I told myself the first day at work and they are late. Anyways called up Antony and he said he’d be there in 10 minutes, which he did. Showed them around and went through the work they had to do. He told me that he’d take 4-5 days to complete the water proofing work.

Went into Pizza corner outlet which would be opening on the 25 of this month ( “hopefully”) to sit down and discuss a few things with Antony. Gave him the advance cheque for the work, when, in walks Mr. Bhaskar Rao, the executive Director of S- Mart who is the franchisee for this pizza corner outlet.

Finished with Antony and waited for Mr. Rao. Spoke to his business development manager Sanaulla who was also there and told him that id like to meet Mr. Rao. Rao apparently was on the phone for a very long time…I knew I was getting late but then didn’t want to leave without introducing myself to Mr Rao.
After a while I walked in into PC and introduced myself. Bhasker Rao is a very pleasant man. From what I could tell from our initial conversation, he was particularly gung-ho about his Bannerghata venture. Bhaskar owns four franchise outlets ( I think) of PC in Bangalore.

Told him we were opening an Indian and Tandoor restaurant next to him. “Thats good” he said smiling…”lots of North Indian residents in this locality.” What about Charcoal?” he enquired referring to the small Indian restaurant located inside the Mantri complex itself. I just shook my ead didn’t want to make a comment. was thinking to myself…We didn’t want to compare ourselves with “Charcoal” and wouldn’t want to bracket ourselves in that bracket…just smiled at him.

“Pizza Hut is desparately looking for a location in Bannerghata ” he said. “Oh! well that doesn’t matter as long as you ensure you take the first mover advantage and consolidate yourself” I said matter of factly. “Yeah, absolutely” he said.

Looking at the painting work that was going on there he said…”we decided to get the lobby painted…Fabmall has been a little slow on getting it done…we would deduct the costs from our first months rentals” he said.

Looking around it was obvious that PC has trying to take over the entire corridor walls for their adverts…he told me that fabmall didn’t allow them to take the remaining part…Man! I thanked Vipul in my mind for not having let them…What if we wanted some space on the walls to put up a sign leading to our restaurant…? Well…it was good that they didn’t get more than the space that they have managed to take control of…anyways it would be wiser if PC remembers that an advert overkill would be harmful for them…remember “Biriyani Merchant?” I thot.

Took leave and went to Anekal. Skipped lunch. The travel took me more and 90 minutes to reach there. Found the registrars office with ease. Went inside and asked a few officials on how to get the lease deed registered. They kept pointing me to different offices…all of which were exactly opposite to where I had gone enquiring. It then dawned on – mebbe they all work through touts…so I went outside looking for them “touts” just to get some information. Sitting outside where these guys who were selling various forms. Approached them and as it was the case with the officials inside…none of them spoke Hindi or English…and I do not speak Kannada…with great difficulty I managed to communicate what I wanted. he then with equal trouble told me that he needs to see the lease deed.” told him I dont have the lease deed on me.

Not giving up hope I went inside again and stood next to an official who looked “educated enough” to answer my queries. Waited for about 10 minutes before getting to go inside. Spoke to the “guy” there who listened to what I had to say and replied in perfect English.” Come with me” and took me outside and said ” wait here for Sadashiv, who will answer you”. After a short while ‘sadashiv’ came in. I told him what I wanted and he told me that I will have to go to Koramangala to get my lease deed registered. ‘You are not in our jurisdiction’ he said.

He also told me ‘you will have to pay 5% of the yearly rentals for the period you want the lease deed to be registered ( 5 years) and an additional 1% as total registration fees”.

That was a lot of money just to register a document for which the bank was not funding any payment I thot.

We have decided to go back to the bankers and inform them that we didn’t want to spend such a large sum of money but instead maybe hand over the lease deed in original to the bank for safe keeping. We have also informed them that we have made fund transfers from the bank itself for the payments as advance for space rentals, therefore they must consider these as validations for the lease agreement itself instead of getting the lease deed registered.

The bank manager has agreed to look in to this and asked us to communicate our concerns to her in writing….this we did and are now awaiting their response. This should hopefully work.

Udaya shankar would be working on the license procurement only from tomorrow. This would mean another 15 days before we get our trade license.
Spoke to venkatesh about the power enhancement. PC has still not got their power enhanced. he said it would be happening soon.

I take Appa and Amma to show them the site and the new house tomorrow. That should take the whole day again.

Bindu my classmate from kochi called up…she’s coming to Bangalore tomorrow. She lost her mother to cancer last week. It was tough on her these last many years…will meet her sometime next week….and for anyone who would be interested in traditional cures for the Big C. Ayurveda offers great help…its a long drawn process…and is completely natural unlike the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.
This is an address I have got from people who have been cured miraculously of the Big C. May it be of of help to someone…
Ayurvedic Physician
Balaendu Prakash
Mandir Marg
Turner Road
Clemets Town
Dehradun – 248001
UP , India
Phone – (+91135) 2640792, 2640405

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