We have decided to use the services of one Mr. Uday to liaison between us and the licensing officials. Uday has experience in dealing with the local officials and since we have problems with the local language have collectively decided to go ahead and use him. Will hand over Uday an official letter asking him to go ahead with the licensing work. The electrical contractor has already started work on the powerenhancement from 3kva to 20 kva. Couriered the letter to this effect to him on Thursday. Wemay hire out a generator at 5k a month for 2 years to avoid capitalizing 3 lacs towards the purchase of a 20 kvagenset. We also contemplated getting a genset on 2nd sale….then decided against it when we got this offer on hiring it out. ( keep your winding up costs as low as possibly…sagely words of Sudhakar). Hiring a genset we found works in our favour cozthen the onus on keeping the genset in proper running order falls with the service provider. He would take care of the licences , maintenance, delivery etc. We would only have to provide for diesel and have to treat the expense as an operational expense. The water proofing starts on Monday. Will have to takepictures prior to the start of the work for our records. Almost finalized the interior design for the restaurant…will freeze theinterior and kitchen design by this week. work should commence on the interiors on Monday next. Will also be getting quotes for the kitchen equipmentsand finalising the same by the week.

 Hopefully will move to Bannerghatta by then.


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