Corruption and civil society

Its been an eventful two days an eye opener really, The newspapers (
yeah, I am still reading the TOI) and am still not a big fan of the
paper….neways the newspaper in question carried a story on the
raids on police officials in Banaglore city. A police official with
an official salary between Rs 16000 and Rs 20000 per month has
wealth of over 68 crores (i.e Rs 680000000). Now thats
unbelieveable… Ill tell you how it happens.

I do not want to belittle the efforts that the civic society is
taking to clean up this rampant corruption in the city…but what are
they going to do to all the other officials in government offices who
are part of this highly corrupt society??? Now I will hear arguments
that not everyone is corrupt…maybe yes, that is true, but in my
experience so far every one has been very very corrupt. I started off
by being straightforward upholding the rights of a true citizen…but
now I tend to laugh at myself…what a load of bull crap the thought
is… every one I have encountered in these offices have moved my
file and processed it only after receiving “speed money”.

It was also shocking when I heard this evening that someone near
where we plan to set up shop had to pay 10 times more for obtaining a
licence which only costs Rs 5000/-. Every one
pays….every-single-businessman-pays….big organizations pay
generously, they offer more…than what is required and people like
us have to shell out a large chunk of money as a result. Its a shame
really but who is to listen????

Also today the fares of the auto rickshaws have been revised in the
city…The city police have given 3 months notice to all the Rickshaw
drivers to re-caliberate their meters. the reason given was that
there are only 500 service personnel who can re-caliberate the meters
on these autos…I travelled by three autos today and what did I
find…all the four autos have had their meters recaliberated…its
quite easy…and the auto drivers can do it themselves….which means
the meters are running at the new tariff…but the minimum charge is
shown as Rs 10 for the first 2 km…whereas if the meter has been
recaliberated this should show as Rs 12/-…What this means is that
every auto in the city ( I will bet on this) will be charging the new
rates on their meter but would charge an additional 20% for the next
three months to all the passengers who would not check the fare
properly claiming that their meter is not set to the new fares…a
clean way to make money…Cheating, fraud…call it what you
may…not one person will raise their voice and object to this…I
have spoken to a few people….every one listened to me….I doubt if
there would be any action….lets see

Its crazy…Sometimes I feel the corruption and its roots have grown
so deep that maybe the powers that be consider it futile to even
attempt to correct it…and that is such a shame!!!


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