Beehive on the balcony

Got a shock when I pulled open my window curtain this morning…A beehive…would you belive it…mebbe a 1000 or more of them clinging to one another to form a massive hive…I ve seen such hives in the forests getting to see it in close quarters man…Awesome
They are dangerous when they are disturbed…left to itself they tend to move to another location in a couple of days…I guess thats safer for all of us…I am againt torching them. A big risk, certainly…but leaving the balcony door closed should help right now…
Will keep you posted…
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Thursday 9 march 2006 1020am
Latest News – The beehive has been destroyed…With several kids staying in the apartment block it was not a safe idea to remain adventurous…I guess it never is adventurous living with that monstrous beehive less than 10feet from your bed. So last night at around 9.30 pm we sprayed the hive…It was a crazy 15 minutes with the poisoned bees flying all ove the place. The guy who sprayed the hive did not have any protection on him…stood on the balcony and kept spraying….saw two bees sneak into my bedroom through a small gap in the window…and perish inside….well hers a snap thatw as taken at around 9:45pm last night
And This one was taken at 10 am this morning. Most of the hive feel of down what was left on the 7th floor is this…. I feel safe now…:)
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