Lease Agreement

Finally we have something to star with…The lease agreement for the restaurant was signed yesterday, Saturday 4 March 2006.

Location id:  N 12 53′ 28.01″  E 77 35′ 55.05″

Went to the site yesterday with Jacob and John after signing the lease with Trinethra who was represented by Vipul. Went there to take a call on the location of the genset and Exhaust…. Found that Pizza corner would be ready and would start their operations as our neighbors in about a months time. We also re looked at the possibility of having the back area and the kitchen to the back of the available space as against the left corner which was planned earlier. Amit would be sending us the first draft of the interior design on Thursday. John said he would make a CAD of the new kitchen layout on Monday…lets see… Have begun the process of relocating to near Bannerghata..I hope that is completed by this week itself and then it would be easier to focus on work from being near to the site… Did make a few calls but nothing came through on the new residence…should make a few calls on the listings available in free ads later in the evening.

Watched the repeat of the Filmfare awards last night…thought the awards ceremony were hugely boring..except for Cyrus and Javed who were a riot…Am not sure how the new host Jon Stewart would turn out at the Oscars tomorrow…hope it stays entertaining…I shall be watching it live…( hehehe on television)

Sorry for the irregularity in the postings… as explained earlier, however the posts would be short and regular in the future…


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