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Last week the property owners reverted with a yes on our queries regarding the gas bank and genset location – they however remained silent on the rear access that we wanted created. We received an email from vipul stating that the owners were skeptical on any structural modification to the exterior of the building.

This was giving us a lot of anxiety…

We e-mailed him a photograph of the stairway that we proposed to build, also stating that it was a temporary and modular structure that can be easily installed and dismantled. We also requested they suggest an alternate, as a service access is very vital for the restaurant.

I was with the interior designer at her residence going through the seating plan and the design for the interior that she had envisaged. It was nothing striking as far as her ideas were concerned. I was also disappointed with the interiors of her residence…I have been having thoughts running through my head if she is an interior designer after all…

While at her residence… got a call from tittu stating that Vipul / the landlord has okayed the rear access. He apparently got as sms to this effect. Suggested he ask Vipul to email to his for records. Now thats eased some of the stress…:)

The bankers have requested for another couple or more days to get back to us.

Also made a mental note to contact Amit Benegal for his ideas on the interiors.

Last week Roop Chand Yadav came down from Surat and gave us a food trial. We gave him a menu of his choice and he came up with

Pepper pot soup and Dal shorba
Adhraki Chicken ( Ginger chicken)
Veg. Jal Freizi
Lucknowi Biriyani
Sag Kitchidi
Punjabi Kadi

The food came out really well except for the soups which were a huge disappointment. We were impressed. The vegetable Jal freizi was extremely delicious. Jal freizi is one of my least favorite dishes but this one was just up there….The chef mentioned that the jal freizi was cooked without a drop of water. The Lucknowi Biriyani is traditionally prepared in a dum (curried rice cooked along with the meat in the stock) but this one was not made so….however the outcome was quite good. Balanced in spices…low on fat…with the meat cooked just right and it tasted yum… In all a good meal which didn’t feel heavy at all…quite what we have in mind for the restaurant…

John came with his wife and daughter for the food trials. They were also pretty impressed with the food Chef Yadav dished out.

We are hopeful of a few more food trials soon. Roop Chand was referred by an ex colleague of mine who works for Blue Moon foods in Bombay.

Saleem called on Monday – his friend, who apparently works for a company which plans to diversify into the hospitality business…have a piece of land on Hosur road. he wants me to take a look at it and give him some inputs. We were to go there today but something came up on their side. Will go there probably tomorrow.

Kris and Chinappa came down from Hyderabad on Saturday last…I am meeting Chinaapa for the first time after 1990. We were  at Loyola together. Also Chinappa’s wife had referred Amit Benegal to us…

It was great fun jamming up with them after so long… here is a pic of them


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