Cartoons and the Outrage

Ok so i decided I will have a little something to dabble on politics. Although I am not a serious thinker on world politics the recent controversy on the Charlie Hebedo  cartoons have captured my imagination. I have briefly mentioned in my earlier post the Prophet of Doom e-book, banned in this country which is increasingly getting me convinced on the message it portrays, initially I trashed all what it said…without commenting on it to be blasphemous, but I am seriously doing a rethink now.

So what is troubling the Islamic community. – that these cartoons portray Prophet Mohammed in bad light?. I dont think so…If freedom of speech is to be tolerated, then I strongly feel the world community should rise against this biased and illogical uprising – the eye for an eye policy that is propagated viciously in many Islamic countries.Does that mean everyone who has been touched by the Daniel Pearl incident should remain quiet?.

Somebody even remarked on the cartoons and equated it with the policies of Nazi Germany. Mebbe he has a point there…but then again if we look at the cartoons it just reflects what is happening around you…I don’t see why there should be so much hell raised on some silly caricatures.

I have a reasoning…no matter what you do…the Islamic fundamentalists, if they decide, can raise the flimsiest of reasons to fan hatred and indulge in violence.

For all the weird cartoons I get in my email on George Bush…If the islamic ( read saudi arabian) logic is extended to me…I should be shot. Thankfully the Americans laugh at it…I would be stoking the fire if I were to ask them to think any differently.                                                                                                                   
It shocks me to realize that the world we live in is quietly loosing whatever innocence is left of it. War, Epidemics, Pornography, Hatred, Violence, Killings is slowly part of our everyday life…and you cannot ignore it anymore. It just comes looking for you….for a relatively peaceful country like Denmark also to be challenged now…well I hope something gets done…Ah! wishful thinking!!! or is it?

So what are those guys in middle east reading Danish newspapers for…??? Bharath asks A pertinent question and Oz replies

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