Jethro Tull – Live at Bangalore

A Short review – .


Just got back from the concert 30 minutes ago…

Man, what a show!!!!

Guys, if you decide to see just one concert in a year…and if Jethro Tull plays anywhere even remotely near…DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Thank you (IA) and Goodnight.

The Jethro Tull concert – Bangalore ( the outsourcing capital of the world)

 Reached the concert venue much earlier than the scheduled time of opening. Yeah am a tull head with time to spare. Back in 94 it was – when I had travelled, with a friend, overnight to Madras ( as it was called then) from Ooty with no tickets in hand hoping to beg, borrow or steal a ticket for the show. Did manage to buy tickets from a guy then who had a couple to spare. I realised it then the folly of being late at the venue. Had high prized tickets but managed to stand about four rows ahead of the lower prized tickets.

It wouldnt be so this time I had told myself….reached there early only to find there was no queue at the venue. there was a small queue forming for the 600bucks ticket. It was 4.30 pm then, realised that it wouldnt be much of a problem getting in and finding a good spot.

The TICKET…Picked up a 1200 bucks ticket from the pizza hut outlet on 2 Feb. Was hoping there would be somebody to go with for the show. I couldnt think of anyone who would come for a TULL show…with me…:). –  Got one ticket for myself.

Friday morning at around 9 called up Manoj asking him if he was going for the TULL show…”Why, of course machan…you want to come…?I have a few tickets to spare. Hemant said he was flying down from Hyderabad…just heard that he is not. You want to join us we are about six of us…including the girls…Even frenchie is coming”. I didnt tell him I had just bought the ticket…but instead i said…”Hey cool machan…I’m game…” “O.K call me at four and we’ll work the rest…”he said. Hey thanks machan…you are a cool dude…” I said…

Yogi – its been a while since I met him…Thoght I’d ask him if he wanted to come along. rang him. Got an sms back from him which said. ” Am in a class will call back at Lunch time”. Which he promptly did… ”

“Hey machan how are you da?” “I’m cool man, how are you?”I enquired… “Good da machan… So what’s happening…you coming for the Tull show tonite?” I asked him. “No da machan…wife is not in town and the kid wont want to see a rock show” he said. Yogi is not a Tull fan…he is the Bryan Adams type… ( who by the way is playing in Bangalore tonite… 5 feb 2006. Uriah Heep plays in Bangalore on 8 Feb……and quite a few other local gigs happening) not that he would go for the BA concert either. Had a ticket – thought Id ask him if he wanted to come along…He was the only guy in 94 who knew that I was going for the show from Ooty and he covered up for me then. I doubt if he remembered…neways wanted to tell him and also offering to take him for the show…well…mebbe another time. Hey thanks Yogi machan…thanks for covering for me in 94… ” who are you going with da?” Yogi enquired…”Manoj, his friends, frenchie and maybe Hemant” I said…just for effect…” Hemant, machan, that guy will fly to Dubai if he wants to…impress somebody…”I laughed… ” Imagine da… those days Tull concert was so huge…people travel from all over the country just to watch Tull play…( well it does happen even now…in Arif alladin’s case…more about him later)…but now…I continued…You have colleges sponsoring a Tull concert for their culturals…” “Man how times change…illeda…?” I could hear him laugh at the other end. ” So you not coming ?” “No da…you have a blast tonite….bye..we’ll catch up sometime ” he said.

The venue… IIM Bangalore is about about 200 meters from where our restaurant is coming up.  One of the finest management institutins in the country. The Jethro Tull concert was part of their cultural festivities called Unmaad 2006. (Hey did you know they once opened for Pink floyd?) There were a few cultural activities on at 4.30 pm and sinse there was no queue for the Tull show I thought i’d spend some time  watching the culturals. Even managed to sell the ticket I had bought to guy there who was looking for one. He bought the ticket from me…for the value of the ticket and I also gave him the Aqualung Live CD that came along.

Cyrus Barocha was the MC for a programme called Wall of Fame which was a intercollege Jam session or something like that… The session was interesting with Cyrus managing a few laughs with his crappy sense

 of humour. The programme was well attended… with a fair amout of SHE breeze blowing…

Murali called at around 4.30. he said he’d just reached home from office and wolud be there in about an hours time.

He reached the venue at around 6pm. He too had a spare ticket…apparantly manoj had got an invitee pass for him too. He sold his ticket at the gate…minus the CD…The guy who bought the ticket from him also was looking for an additional ticke…”Yaar, Thanks  I have 6 CD’s with me.” he said when Murali had offered to give him the CD later as he was not carrying it with him then. Hey! you get to see the show on an invitee pass and keep the CD too…good show…:) I thought.

Thermal and a Quarter (TAAQ)  a pathbreaking Bangalore band celebrating its 10th Anniversary was the Opening act for the Tull show…Apparantly they were the opening act for Deep Purple when they played in Bangalore in 2001. Their third album  was given away as a freebie at the venue…I am told that its also available as a free download at their site… I like the way the band sounded on CD…Although I was not impressed with thier live act…that probably was because of the poor sound that was used for the show…Hey check out Thermal and a quarter…Their CD Plan B is quite cool. I liked the song that they sung Live from their album Jupiter cafe too… neways it was fun.

TAAQ ended their act at 8.15…they had a fairly decent show…got booed a bit by the impatient crowd…but then thats quite normal…Manoj, Frenchie and the other guys stayed away from the TAAQ act…I had to take the girls and keep them company till they came in after their beers. It was tough for me to explain TULL to the girls who were about to witness their fist TULL act…I surely sounded excited which probably got them a lil uppity too…

The Band took stage at 8.30 pm sharp with the patient yet ‘inTULLigent’ crowd sending a minor roar when the first backstage test of his flute by IA came through the speakers…the “MAGIC” was about to begin!

“Good evening ladies and Gentlemen…It’s good to be here once again” he said to a rousing roar and kicked off the show with ‘My Sunday Feeling’  followed by Life’s a long song. The young kid in the picture sure had a whale of a time especially when she heard Bouree. Murali and I had managed to get to about 10 rows from the stage pushing a pulling… till a loud short lady stopped us in our tracks. So that was were we stayed for those next magical 120 minutes.   As I mentioned earlier…this was my first show where I got to stand so close…There were about 10000 people in Madras in 94. I guess it was far too low a head count this time around…possibly 4000(?? )Tull heads were present this time. looking at the pictures I made i told myself…i will get myself a new camera shortly… The Camedia C-150 that I used gave me a whole lotta problems this time…Its slow to reload and gave me quite a few stills that were out of focus. Actually I was a lot worried this time coz the last time around they took off my batteries when I objected to them wanting to keep my Camera.They werent allowing anyone to enter the venue with cameras then. This time around they were objecting only cigarettes and lighters. anyways I was prepared this time with a spare set of batteries in my socks. they did feel my pockets and let me in without a word…I guess with so many cameraphones they thought it wiser not to object at all. I mentioned the poor sound quality…although the sound from instruments came out pretty OK…the vocals were hardly audible…I mean I was not expecting CD quality sound ouput or anything… but the sound from the vocals just sucked!!!. Even Frenchie ( yeah he taught me French in college) asked me a couple of times ‘what did he say?…what did he say??’…here he is mesmerized by the Jethro Tull magic. This is his first time at a Live TULL act. he was at the Buddy guy show which was held at the Center for Performing Arts…he told me earlier that day that he managed to sit in the first row at the show and during the concert stood up and asked buddy… ” Hey Buddy can I have the plucker man?” and Buddy stretched his hand and handed him the plucker he way playing his guitar with… and I thought WOW!!!!

IA then went on to play the following ( listed in noproper order) Jack In the Green , Mother goose , MOZ ART , Cross Eyed Mary, Bouree…. (This was just taken after the flute solo…She was impressed too)

The Bouree was greeted to a loud roar from the very appreciative crownd and he rendered an awesome variation to the original…I lapped it up all. Gawd u are never too old to rock and roll…ever.!!!

 Bouree was followed by   A Christmas song ( ‘we are not too far from another christmas are we’…he joked in his inimtable style. Read this blog for more Tull wit at the show)and followed by one of my all time favorites Budapest and Aqualung Oh!yeah and he played My God and Thick as a brick earlier too. He ended the show with a fiery rendition of Locomotive breathJethro Tull played minus Barre and Giddings…which was possibly a reason for a low turn out…however a rocking show indeed. Jethro Tull…Ian Anderson thank you very much indeed!!

Oh! yeah and maybe the next time around…hope I would be lucky to hear The whistler, Cheerio, One brown mouse, a Small cigar, Fire at Midnight and Bradford bazaar

Arif Alladin…He was the winner of the castrol contest and won a prize to meet Ian Anderson Back stage. I met Arif on 4th Feb. Arif happens to be the guy who would possibly be installing the exhaust system for our restaurant. I heard that he wanted to ask Anderson what keeps him going after all these years…Dunno what answer he got to that cliched question…lol… Anyways Arif has a company called sweetech engineers and his name gets mentioned in the TOI write up on the TULL show the next day.

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