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Craigs list – Bangalore – Hope more people start to use this site in India…

Ehow – ever wanted to know how things are done…

Its Republic day today… am a lot relaxed…The funding for the restaurant has been assured by the bankers  but of course with a reminder that it would be delayed due to some internal difficulties in their operations. The bank has recently acquired an other bank therefore the decision making people are busy with re organizing work at the bank…was the explanation offered to us.

We were however very thrilled by the guarantee that was offered to us.

Fabmall wanted us to sign the lease agreement on 1st February. With the agreement coming into effect from 15th February. It’s quite tricky…anyways will wait for a couple or more days.

Tried to call up the interior designers that kris had sent me…. was able to reach only one… Amit Benegal…others were old numbers or  wrong numbers. Amit had apparently done just one restaurant in Belgaum ( Karnataka) which he also claimed has won some awards. He said he would email me the photographs tomorrow….

Kris also said he knows another lady who designs interiors in Hyderabad…apparently she is in Hong Kong right now and is expected later this week. He said he would contact her and let me know.

We got a lot of work done yesterday…and I am surprised how easily a lot of work gets done these days… I had been to the BSNL office yesterday to apply for a land line…although this is not and everyday work routine…i was pleasantly surprised when the whole process for applying for it was completed in just 20 minutes…I remembered when there was a time not so long ago that I had to spend three whole days running from one office to the other just to get this work done…Yeah! but that was in a different state ( Kerala) a few years ago…i guess things would have improved there too. Even getting a mobile phone connection does not take too long here…and am sure it must be the least expensive among all the nations to own a mobile phone in this country. I didn’t have a mobile number on my name when i was in Kerala as they didn’t have enough SIM cards to issue to ever increasing subscriber base….although i was offered to be given one by a tout by paying Rs 3000.00. I refused…so I borrowed one from a guy who had  two cards on him.

The manager at the bank also told me yesterday that you could apply for a SIM card by giving details of your bank account….which she said has the required proof of residence. That was quite cool…especially for people who are new in the state and havent got their residence proof yet. Transfer your back account to the nearest branch in the new state and give an address where you stay and get your account number allotted and use this for  obtaining your mobile SIM card. I guess your bank account could be useful for other essentials too like your Gas connection etc.

I still haven’t found the exhaust system manufacturers although I have got just one reply to all the mails I sent them. Ranjeet sent me details of a couple more manufacturers. They are the high end dealers…Continental equipments and diverse hospitality. I mailed them too.

Haven’t got the CAD drawings yet. John said he had mailed it on Tuesday…there must be some technical snag somewhere…Pravina also said she emailed me and one of the emails keeps bouncing back from my ID. I dunno the reason mebbe in Pravinas case the mail could have a malicious code which my anti virus keeps blocking or which mebbe even gmail keeps out…I dunno. neways…

Last three days was fun…Met Sapna… a ravishing beauty….OMG….mmmmmm 🙂 She was sweet and smart… wonderful…mebbe I will tell her ‘ that’s what I thot about you’ some day soon…:)

John told me on Monday last to take a look at Chandini Chowk  at Koramangala… he had told me to take a look at that restaurant earlier…but Monday it was that I decided to go there. It’s an Indian / Punjabi restaurant at Koramangala 6th Block very near to Kwiky’s, Pizza Hut etc. it was around 7:30 pm when I got there…I had a to ask a few people for the land mark…but then its easily accessible and its on the main road in a huge vacant spot very close to DAL ROTI, also an Indian restaurant on the first floor at Koramangala.

I spotted it quite easily…actually one wouldn’t miss it i you were looking for it… It was lit up on the outside with a lot of  serial bulbs giving it an appearance of a house where a wedding was taking place… there were a few cars parked outside the restaurant which had a fairly large parking space. You couldn’t see any of the interiors from the outside…mebbe it was a clever ploy…It had a huge door with a guard seated outside….he rushed up greeted me and opened the door for me…the first thing that struck me was a gravel that was lying on the floor in the inside…wow…surprise!!! The floor was just loose gravel.

It had huge red curtains  on the inside and a mud wall that separated the outer section on the inside of the restaurant with an other inner section…I moved towards it…it had stone slab seating and wooded tables…that contrasted beautifully with the red curtains and the funny chandeliers  that hung from the roof. i looked up and saw a thatched ceiling wow i thought again…A perfect Dhabba.

I sat down on the outer section as i didnt want to eat anything – I had a very late lunch ( 4 pm to be precise). On one table i saw Madhuri Dixit ( Chandini – Sri Devi..did they miss the link???)  staring at me from a tray mat  with her trade mark smile….which obviously was very infectious…I smiled…the music was a tad loud but came from large earthenware pots hung on the ceilings into which the speakers were placed… ordered a glass of sweet lassi  ( again). It was served quite quick but in a regular glass… something like an old fashioned glass a tad narrower at the bottom…It was….hmmmmmmm just ok…had a funny taste to it…but I was soaking in the excitement of the ambience that I forgot how crappy the lassi actually was. The restaurant actually shocks you…coz you least expect the interiors to be the way it is…Like a DHABBA i mean…I saw a few girls come in a get shocked themselves…Yeah but that’s because some people expect it to be presented in a certain way in their minds …which leads to disappointment or maybe they just dont have the taste to appreciate good things…I wouldn’t know…

Chatted up with a waiter…who didn’t know what he was being paid…he has put in 20 days work…said he’d know what they would pay him
when he gets his salary…Thats weird… I thot…anyways..

The surprise didn’t stop there…I asked for the bill and it came in a jewelry box…hehehe…  Got me thinking…the people who designed this place must have surely been on some kinda “trip”. I was told the owners were two ladies… hey that’s an incentive to go back there and try their food sometime…bet I will…id love eating there…;)

Spotted a DVD lending library near Chandini Chowk called Cinema Paradiso. Has some very cool titles…and a very good space design…was also very crowded… 

And yesterday after the meeting with the bankers…took tittu to see chandini chowk…he was also impressed…Also went to Copper chimney…  Though we went after lunch hours…Shankar Managed to get us some lunch…They close shop at 3:20 he said…I didn’t know that…mebbe we were 10 minutes too late…

Dinner was at Ponnusawmy A restaurant serving Tamil cuisine…Although Andhra cuisine rules in Bangalore…it would do good if people start venturing and try the awesome spread that Tamil cuisine offers. Although I am a vegetarian these days…there was a time when a visit to any Chettinad restaurant was immediately grabbed leaving aside all those other choices however exciting they were. Sadly the Tamil cuisine in Bangalore has not taken off probably because of the  anti tamil pulse that lies dormant in the state.  The Cauvery issue still touches a raw chord with the Kannadigas here… well having said all that, unlike the other Andhra restaurants who have focused on bringing in elements of fine dining at least in terms of decor and ambience and not necessarily service…they have managed to bring into their fold all the experimental diners who would not venture into a restaurant that does not have the ambience that they have now so used to.

Ponnusamy I thought has some real good stuff on their menu but, sadly I noticed it was only the Tamil speaking people chose to dine there…Unlike the cosmopolitan crowd you get to see in the Andhra joints….which was sad in a way.

Well…he ordered a non veg Thali…(traditionally served on a Plantain leaf)The foodie that he obviously is and I played safe with Roti and paneer and was hugely disappointed… NEVER order North Indian food at a South Indian Restaurant if you can help it…I couldn’t therefore I was…

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  1. Arun said

    Hi Pradeep,

    Off the topic, but your hunch of someone combining a yoyo and acam just came true. Check out

    Thought I’d let you know.


  2. ramya said


    your hotel accepts sodexho pass?
    please reply…….


    yes, we accept sodexho meal pass and gift pass for dine ins and home delivery orders

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