Trade Licence

I haven’t been browsing last week to post any “cool” sites.

Sunday Morning

Started of with Brian’s often hilarious musings on his travels. I loved his posts on India from 2003. He has just posted a new one on his travels in Peru.

Did some travelling myself too last week. Had been to Kochi and unlike last time I took my camera, but slept through most of the journey…so dunno what I missed. I remember having told myself to click some pix of the colorful lorries of Kerala and other stuff. I didn’t – so that’s it…as always there’s always another time.

Met Amrita after a month. She looked different…but very happy…

Miruim said Hi! yesterday after more than a month. Chatted with her too for a long time last night…It was fun…

We probably may end up giving the work on the interiors at the restaurant to Swati. She has done work in the kitchen here and also has some experience of designing a couple of restaurants in Bombay. I doubt we will use the designers that Kris forwarded me…which is a shame…I will try and meet them some day….

Sarwarker called, so did Ranjeet Pandey. It was the turn of the big Chefs to contact. Pandey has been having trouble sending me emails so he used the phone. I haven’t received any emails he said he sent me regarding the exhaust. Apparently he has sourced some manufacturers in Pune. I hope they have branches in Bangalore…. neways he said I’ll get the details tomorrow. Sawarkar had called to tell me that he has found a chef for me…His name is Yadav. He had called me on Friday night. I was unable to speak as it was very loud and couldn’t hear him. Told him I’d call on Saturday. I called but he was off the hook. Will call him again later today or tomorrow.

Ranjeet also told me to speak to a guy named Aloke who is also with Sodexho ( every one seems to have moved there). I called him….he sounded inebriated at 6:30 pm, which Ranjeet had warned me earlier,the he would be, but also said that he”s a nice guy to talk to….” dont offer him a job” He had warned me…:). I think I would meet him later this week….Would sure like to pick his brains.

The C.A, I forgot to mention in my previous blog gave me the report that I had to submit to the bank in a very shabby state…It wasn’t aligned many columns were hidden. etc., which kinda really pissed me off….It wasn’t his fault…he wanted to get that fixed for me…I had said Ok but the assistants he has was not able to do much….they had limited experience is what I felt and that guy was doing too many different things at one time…I wish these guys have at least one DTP specialist working for them instead of some snotty secretaries who was trying to get me to buy her lunch showing some non existent cleavage…neways…I had to go some 300 mts away to find someone who dabbled with DTP work and get the whole thing formatted and spiral bound and submitted to the bank…only to find that the Manager at the bank just wanted a photocopy of the format… I thought that was weird…Submitted the copy that I had taken as a back up and retained the spiral bounded one….lol

The Manager, she also told me to get two seals done 1. A Common seal and 2. A rubber stamp with the company name and authorized signatories. I found that this can be done at Ulsoor Police station and elsewhere…will get it done on Monday.

Picked up a double burner gas cooking range, a few tables and some other stuff from the restaurant that closed down. Asked John to keep the stuff for me. He said ‘OK at a nominal rent’. I agreed. Will get details on the pricing tomorrow. I still haven’t got the stairway drawing from him yet. I wonder what’s wrong.

Vipul wants us to sign the lease agreement by Feb 1st. He is silent on the 60 day moratorium that we have asked for. He hasn’t given us the agreement papers to go through as yet….Mebbe he wants us to submit the drawings…Dunno what…will ask John to speed upon the drawings…hopefully I can email it to Vipul tomorrow.

 John sent an email regarding the details we need from the landlord.  I also picked up the agreement form from the BMP for the trade and Power Licence. It costs Rs 50/- and is a detailed list of all that is required to be done to obtain or renew a trade licence. A very handy booklet. Suresh a guy I met at Lipton said Id have to pay 25K extra to the HI for the licence. I doubt. The nation is so darn corrupt nothing gets done without a bribe. 25 K is a fairly large sum of money, mebbe he had included his cut thinking i’d ask him to get it done for me. I will do it myself – lets put to good use my negotiation skills. 25 K I will not pay.

That’s all then for the week…will post again sometime during the week

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