Stairway for service entrance.

Met john and travelled with him to the site in his car (a chauffeured Maruti Esteem).We left lipton tea house at 12:30 pm .It was a sunday was hoping there would be lesser traffic. Dang – its madness 7 days of the week. I guess Sundays the Chaos only start a little late. Didn’t see too many buses on the road is all.

Reached Bannerghetta at around 1pm.

The drive was pretty interesting.

John had a friend…the owner of Appachi ( featured in last weeks Outlook Magazine)the Chettinad restaurant in Pondicherry, who happened to be in Delhi for the Auto Expo, go visit Punjab by Nature,(the Restuarant Tittu was raving about)… apparently he told John that dining at Punjab by Nature was as expensive as a return Air fare to chennai. I think he meant that the pricing was ridiculous. “I don’t know if I would get reimbursed for this” he had also told John.
I remained silent. Obviously he meant that such weird / obscene pricing was not good economics…anyways…he told me he wanted to have a look at the menu…I kept quiet for a while and after a few minutes remembered that I was carrying the Menu with me. Took it out and handed it to him. He looked at the two page menu and Laughed…. “245 bucks for a Tandoori Brocolli???? Damn the menu doesn’t even say anything about the Dish here!!!!. How many pieces would there be in a dish.Oh! Ok at least it says 500 grams for a Tandoori pomfret.” (375 bucks!!!!). “Get me a copy of this Menu will you?” I nodded silently. “45 bucks for a Masala pappad…??”he was laughing.
We reached the last flyover before bannerghetta, that’s under construction. “Oh! I have seen a stairway near here…i’ll show you when we drive back.” “Look on the left side and stop if you see a hardware shop…I’ll buy a measuring tape”. We spotted one a short while later but it didnt have the tape, so we drove straight to Bannerghetta.

Stopped to take a look at the new joint Mr. Sudhakar of fabmall was referring to. It was named  Mast Kalandar and its located on the first left after Poorva Heights…the residential apartments a couple of kms before Mantri and fabmall. It appeared as a nondescript location situated about less than 100 mts after you turn left from the Bannerghetta main road. I clicked a few pictures of the outside when a neatly dressed waiter came outside and enquired saying “May I help you?”. Oh! we are just looking around I mumbled. “Came lets have a Lassi”, John said and we walked in. The restaurant was a shocking Orange on the inside…It has its walls painted in orange had plastic chairs…also in orange…To the right on the inside there was a 5 cheffing dishes laid out for a buffet ( they had weekend Buffets for lunch and dinner the waiter said). It was a Biriyani buffet spread priced at Rs 125/- plus taxes per head. We ordered for two lassis both sweetened. I was hoping they would surprise me with its garnish. Clicked a few pictures of the menu…the flash was too bright.  anyways…I was recovering from the orange shock when john pointed out that they didn’t have any non vegetarian items on the menu. Now that’s surprising. I wanted to be sure so I asked the waiter there and he confirmed. A vegetarian restaurant built like a cafeteria/ coffee shop. ” I am a vegetarian…maybe I will come here for my lunch and Dinner while we get our restaurant up.” I said laughing.

Just then I spotted the false ceiling…It already had a large black spot on it and some places where the cracks were showing up. John nodded…”Told you” he said…we should just stick to doing up the ceiling with good wall mounted fitting and not go for the false ceiling. it made sense…Its just been 8 months that Mast kalandar has been up and already its begun to age.
I dunno about the quality of food they serve here…mebbe i will try it some day soon. Sudhakar obviously had rated it high…and It’s pricing…at Rs 67 bucks a Veg Thali I thought was moderately priced considering the location. The Lassi came rightly in a Tom Collins glass however without any garnish – It didn’t have cream on top nor sugar. So that ended Mast Kalandar.
Reached fabmall took measurements for the staircase ( rear entry) after buying a tailoring tape ( 🙂 ) from a nearby departmental store. We also found a couple of Indian restaurants nearby….all in the middle or lower bracket.

At the site  we found there was ample space for the stairway. We have decided to execute a simple design as below.  

  • This design would have already gone through the process of getting the necessary approvals from the fire and other local departments.
  • Its modular in its design
  • Cost effective as compared with civil work.
Clicked a few pix of the stairway as we returned.   It looked pretty decent almost exactly what I had in mind for the service entrance…good work John!. Now wait for the design approval from the mall guys.

We might use Mrs.Swati as out Interior designer. She would just design the layout we will have to get technicalities like the tables chairs and other peripherals done ourselves through manufacturers. She would be visiting the site tomorrow.

17th Jan
Took Shankar – the Manager at Copper Chimney to show the Bnghta location…he has begun to rave…:). We took an ex senior captain from Sahib Sind aur Sultan who is now with Copper chimney also along…

18th Jan

Submitted the documents to the bank. Hopefully 2 weeks…she has noted that the advance towards rentals shall not be part of the approved loan….:(
Kris sent me a few contacts of interior designers through Chinappas wife.

Am visiting Bnghta again tomorrow…Tandoori nights a restaurant there closed down 6 months ago. Will look at picking up some kitchen equipments from them.

Leaving for Kochi tomorrow will be back on Saturday.

Sify broadband was installed today and am back online….


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