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Last week was fun…The family has moved into their new flat on the 12th. I stayed back in the house till the shifting was complete. Will move in mostly tomorrow till the time the flat in Bannerghetta near the restaurant is ready.

Also we had a meeting with Mr. Sudhakar – CEO Fabmall. Mr.Sudhakar happened to be in Microland when tittu was there. They happened to have met “just once” as he chose to put it. “He has agreed to see us” he had said sounding very excited last week…the meeting was fixed for Friday last at 3 pm. We arrived on time although we had a little trouble finding Trinethra – their corporate office. Mr. Sudhakar is an IIM – A grad, quit his job at Microland in 1998 to start a company what is now call ‘Fabmall’ – the food store chain. Also the building were we plan to house the restaurant.

The meeting lasted an hour and he gave us fantastic insights into how he planned the beginning of Fabmall. It was so gracious of him to have given us the time to pick his brains. So humbling an experience.

In brief he suggested the following.

  • To ensure that you have an adequate back up plan in place in case the location does not deliver.

  • To prepare a Modular business. By which he meant that incase you have to move to a different location it would be easier to relocate.

  • To give ourselves at least 12 months to settle into the business and not be ready to wind up in a short time of 3 months in a worst case scenario.

  • Must be willing to say tell yourself that this is how far deep I am willing to go before I “pull the plugs” and be very very clear about that.

Wise thoughts…and deep insights many of which will be presented in my later blogs. Finally we asked Sudhakar to increase the rent free period from 30 to 60 days. He said he would speak to Vipul. We feel that should be agreeable.We have a name finally for the restaurant…its a play on an English word and it came from Mr S.K.Bitta….If chosen you, Mr.Bitta, would be entitled for a life time of free meals at the restaurant for the two of you.

I will be at the site again in the afternoon tomorrow. We need the measurements taken for the stairway. Should be back by the evening

Manoj had called he gave me the name of an interior designer who claims to have done the interiors for Pizza Hut in their early days. The guy said he will send me his portfolio….Dunno what happened he never did nor did he take any of my calls.

Kris called…wanted his refund for a cancelled airline ticket checked with the airline office. Checked it for him – apparently there was some technical snag in their system – said they would revert in 7 working days….will do next week.

Kris gave me the number of Ryan who manages a Bar in Hyderabad. he spoke very highly of him so I called him….sounded like a smart chap…said he would look for a chef for me…he wasn’t willing to relocate from Hyderabad to Bangalore….said he had a lot of problems when he stayed away from his family for 7 months last year…huh???? neways gave him a brief of what we were looking for. he asked me if I would be visiting Hyderabad any time. i said Yes, if I have to come there to interview people I wouldn’t mind. He said he needed two weeks to find the right chef. I said fine.

Kris has some serious shit lined up for him at his domestic front. They are separating…he claims she got him “locked up” for dowry harassment….Huh!!!. He claims she wants to get back to her previous boyfriend…It is a tragedy however I look at it. One of my closest pals at Loyola, Madras….Think the bitch wouldn’t get anyone better than him…was weird slapping a dowry case and putting your husband behind bars just to bail out quickly…

Saleem called…told him I was looking for an Indian chef…he said he had one in mind…”How much would you pay?” he asked…When I told him he said…”WOW!…you would pay so much???” “Yes” I said thinking to myself you get monkeys if you pay peanuts….he said the executive sous chef at Holiday Inn may be willing…I said sure…ask him. He said he’d call back in two days.

The bankers have agreed in principle with the loan – we shall be making our final presentation to them on Monday. I hope that goes well.

I am refining my thoughts on the interiors for the restaurant right now. Have fixed on the final design for the chairs. I am working on the tables and lighting right now. I shall post the pictures later.

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  1. shweta gandhi said


    We do interior designing & execution for lot of stores like food world,health & glow, hutch, peter england if interested please mail us we will send you our profile.


  2. Pradeep said

    Tx Shweta

    Will look you up when something comes up…

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