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No detailed blogs last week. Just a few emails uploaded to my funny emails blog. A good tidy part of those emails I receive dont get published…probably because they have adult content and many of them are images which is a tad frustrating to upload. I wish they allowed Qumana to upload photographs to blogger directly. I have to upload pix using Picasa and then post the link through the HTML link available on Qumana…which like i said has been frustrating.

I have come across a few sites that may impress you folks…take a look

Tools that can help you with English writing

How to solve a Rubik’s Cube

100 things we didn’t know this time last year

I have been browsing blogs over the last week whenever i had time…Its been great fun…I have come across a few awesome blogs which I have not tagged yet but told myself I’d check them as often as I can. There is also a contest on at indibloggies take a look you will find some very kewl Indiblogs there (Oh! yeah am not listed there yet. remember this is a personal blog…you just happened to be here!!! 🙂 )

Michael Higgins sent me an email last week to a reply I had posted at his blog. Suggested Shiok’s blog ( Does Madhu Menon really know that he had a popular blog…pity he doesn’t blog as much). He suggested Aquamarine (has a great template) and Sujatha and Minal though I wasn’t looking for blogs with just recipes….anyways.

Spoke to Ambrose yesterday. He had some news for me…Gave him a brief on what was happening on the biz front…he is looking at an opening at Sodexho. he said he’d be visiting bangy for an interview by the 20th of this month. He also informed me that manohar that bastard who assaulted me in 2003 got a 6 year imprisonment slapped on him…well that’s the end of that story…Nah i don’t intent to blog on it…just wanted to tell myself that he got nailed finally…although I never thought that it would happen to a Marxist thug….neways…good things do happen.

I hope Amby gets out of that godforsaken place too asap. Would be glad if he joins us…but i doubt he will take the option…not too much of a risk taker that he is….neways good luck to him in whatever he decides to do.

Oh! yeah Wednesday last Anujas parents came from Delhi. They will be here till the 14th by then the family would move into the new flat. I dunno if id have the internet ready there…or mebbe will have to blog in from a cafe or wait till the cable gets activated at the flat or till I move to Bnghta…

We meet Vipul again, Monday and the Chartered accountant…Have got the business plan partially readied for presentation to the bank. It only needs some fine tuning by the CA. Although the bankers have agreed in principal for the loan…we will have to make a few presentations again to them. Hopefully the loan should be sanctioned in 2 weeks hopefully.

John, hopefully will have the rear staircase and the gas bank drawings ready by Tuesday. Have to submit the same to the locations owners asap. We plan to confirm our willingness to sign an agreement for the site tomorrow. However we need some areas to be fine tuned before we sign. Tittu knows the big boss…Mr Sudhakar ( not my prof) he worked with him during their days at Microland. He would pitch for some relaxation on the lock in period. Anyways will wait…

Damn got an sms from haja that he plans to open a restaurant on ECR in Chennai…some 150 pax restaurant…or some bull like that…He says he’s got some guy who is willing to fund the project…I plan to remain silent on the issue for a while.

No emails / contacts on the interior designer ad posted…I got some hits from website designers…which is kinda funny…:)…Met a guy named Mani at Forum on friday..He said he knew some people…who is a student of Design…no news from him too…mebbe id get one over the next week.

Wanted an Interior designer…to Design the Dining space for a Fine Dining restaurant in Bangalore. If you know anyone…please forward this ad…thanks.

I have been getting some tips and helps from a few people who have been following this blog…Tx H, L, D and A for the tips…keep the mails coming… and to the sailor lady…the yahoo personals are not active in this country…so…:)


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  1. Tara said

    thanks for the comments on my blog, i’ll be putting some more stuff up soon…

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