Some Kewl Links…Take a look

I have been contemplating for a while now to put up a list of kewl sites and blogs that i think needs more people to look at. not that the sites deserve any publicity. But then most people who read my blogs wouldn’t be surfing to see them anyway…Oh just kidding…well, if you have any sites that I should look at do post a comment …Ciao then.

My Christmas Gift
Some cool freewares for downloads…I have been visiting them for ages now…Highly recommended.

Christmas lights
Take a look at what this dude has done to his home with Christmas Lighting…Its a >4mb download…but it sure flipped me

Pope John Paul
Even the new pope has a blog.

50 Greatest gadgets in the last 50 years
PC worlds listings of the 50 greatest Inventions in the last 5 decades. Take a look and see how many you own. Well if you are in India most of them aren’t available here and you know why…

White House Tapes – The Kennedy Assassination
A secret audio tape recording that I came across on the web on the JFK assassination…check it out if you are a conspiracy buff

Curry n Rice Video
Take a look at this funny video…I promise a few laughs…I thought it was a tad too long…funny nevertheless.

George Bush – A Poem
The Poem on Dubya in the Pakistani alimentary School text books. The First alphabet in the poem and Dubya’s pic however isn’t highlighted in the text books.

Lowest fare Airline Tickets – International
A blog that gives you details on how to get the lowest fares on airline tickets in the Americas. Gives some useful insight. I do not guarantee any authenticity, but worth taking a look.

Pirate Translator
If you liked Johnny Depp (One of my favorites) in Pirates of the Caribbean and you would like to talk like capt. Jack Sparrow. Then this would be a cool site…I guess.

Visual Depiction of our world
A good illustration of the world around us.

Dante’s Inferno test
Want to know where you are going in your after life?. Take this quiz.

Forgot a Birthday?
Don’t worry if you forgot a birthday. Heres a website that will list out names from a database (they claim) of 120 million people. While you are at it you may also want to check out the names database

Learn Poker
“Learn poker through the bad experiences of others because you won’t live long enough to make all of the mistakes yourself.”


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