Names for the Restaurant

I thought it would be a good idea to start thinking on a name for the restaurant…it would make things a lot easier…we have come up with a few names that sound real cool and is in sync with our idea of the restaurant

“Saffron Haveli” , ” Cinnamon Courtyard” “Tamarind Temple” ,”Ginger Kitchen”,
“Ajmeri Gate”, “Dilli Chutney”, “Tandoori – Dil Se” ,
“Spice Surprise,
” Magic Garlic”
Except for Magic Garlic (I really like the name ) which has already been taken all other names sound very original…Do you have any names for us…do write in…I know of a few people who are already working on it…including ‘Pravina’

Heres what you should remember while sending us names

  • send us a name for a fine dining Indian restaurant in Bangalore, India serving North Indian Cuisine
  • Try being original ( its so easy these days…just google it…lol…yeah i am amazed myself on what google does…really!)
  • The name should preferably have a combination of two words which rhyme or has a good ring to it. One Indian and the other “English”
  • Avoid using slang and words that do not relate to food.
  • If we choose your name…I promise a free meal for two any day at your convenience at the restaurant…:)

I am leaving for kochi…later tonite…i wouldn’t be blogging for a couple o nights or mebbe even more…


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