Restaurant bloggers???

Do you know any blogs on Indian restaurants in India???

I have been wanting to read blogs by Indian restaurant owners and others related to the restaurant business…If you are reading this and you know of any such a blog please post the link as a comment or email me, I would be very grateful.

Did a tour of Sadashiv Nager and New BEL road sites with John yesterday…It was a bit disappointing…Sadashiv Nagar location is gone… Someone had hired it already. I saw pooja materials on the second floor. Man sites just disappear faster than they in Bangalore these dates…BE QUICK OR BE DEAD!!! “Yeah only sites where the business’ have failed stay available for longer” John said

John liked the Sadashiv Nagar location… Posted by PicasaHe said that the area is not 750 sqft as mentioned to me…I felt the same too yesterday…probably the morning light had made the site appear large the last time I saw it. Yeah and I was in a hurry too that day. However he was really impressed by the location. His wives family stays very near Bashim circle.

We then visited “Neel” and then went to the New BEL road site. “Yeah this would be 2200 sq ft. So how long would it take for the site to be ready?” he asked ” mebbe another three months.” I said ” or even sooner if we approach the builder. Pizza Hut ( which is about 300 mts from the site) came up in just a month…” I added. “Pizza Hut..they have the money…”he let that hang.

He didnt say much about the restaurant…It was around 4 pm and they were closing down after lunch…We saw a the last people leave the restaurant while we entered the restaurant. Neel serves only buffet lunch… and It looked pretty impressive…even when it was empty…. I was told when we had dined there that the restaurant was owned by some people in the movie business. Since I was new then the name didn’t stick….Some Art director if I remember correctly…neways

There is a restaurant very similar to this on the ring road…I heard John say…This would be about 5000 sq ft. The guy would have had the land for sometime and decided on the restaurant. I said the food was bad here…but the ambience more or less makes up for it. Neel had close to 100 foot falls every night i guessed and that would go far higher on weekends…

I remember the visit to Pizza Hut on Sunday evening…Its been about a couple of weeks since they opened this outlet on New BEL road. I spoke to a steward there he said we do aound Rs 40000 per day on week days and Rs 80000/- on weekends….Roughly put thats 1600000 a month… phenomenal stuff. I had jumped when i heard that…but then they are a brand…established and spend a lot of money on advertising….would like to see their numbers after about 4 months….Tittu had said…I personally had felt a little queasy in my belly after that veggie cheese shock. Pizza hut was rocking though it was packed when we were there.

Coming back to “Neel” That does a good turnover too. But how much of it is related to the sale of liquor i wonder….”It costs about 15 lakhs to get a liquor licence” John said…”and its very difficult to get one…But I have a friend maybe we can use him..I dont know if he would be willing to help….”well…I guess thats just another way of saying buddy it would cost a helluva lot more than 15 if u wanted a liquor licence…if you are thinking of one. “Do they give out just beer and wine licence…?” I asked….Maybe will have to check”… i heard him say.

We reached home a while later…Tittu was feeding Antra. She had just got back from school…he had worked from home yesterday as the maid was on leave… Had got Jonh home to introduce him to Tittu (Jacob)

Tittu was a tad disappointed when John said that the New BEL road had some disadvantage as in parking space…We found it difficult to cross to the other side of the road when we had gone “site seeing”.

Tittu wanted to know how we could take it forward with John.Having told John that we were deliberating on weather to have a North Indian cuisine ( tittu) or a continental and chinese cuisine (me) restaurant he was pretty clear – he wanted us to finalise the cuisine the location and what we wanted to do first before he could take it forward. Knowing John…he wanted to do it professionally….he asked us to prepare a business plan and give him a hard copy before he would take it forward….” list down all that you would like to do…deliberate on them and eliminate what you think is not feasible” he said.

He said he had 3 assignments on currently but he would be willing to take it forward if we were interested.

So the business plan it is…I have already started work on it….Tittu would be putting in his thoughts…I hope that is ready asap…

Tittu is off to Mumbai and Delhi for the week…mebbe he would visit Punjabi by nature that classy Punjabi restaurant that he so raves about and wants to replicate….lets see…am waiting for the pix with my fingers crossed.

Gopi called…they have planned a trip to karwar on Jan 2nd… He only named Hemanth…he probably wanted to keep the names of the women a secret. Would have been fun joining them but then this would be my first Christmas and new year with folks since 1993…Wouldn’t want to miss out on it…Appa and Amma would be visiting Bangalore later this week and staying on till 2nd…and tittu would be having the housewarming also then. Have got work to do now…will have to move my stuff to the other bedroom. Appa and Amma would be using this for their stay. I guess Karwar is Out…mebbe later….another time…

Spoke to Sudhakar yesterday…told him some cock about loosing his number…but briefed him about our plans…he didnt believe it then….i guess hes started to believe now. “Are you serious…?” he asked me…”you would have a lot of spade work to do…wouldn’t you?” Yeah….so much work ahead. Told him to check on the mail i sent him and revert…He wants me to use Sidharth, his son to design our logo and mebbe even give him the work for the interiors….I felt some sadness in his voice….I think i know why frenchi bad mouthed him….yeah but then i will never fully know the reasons…

Put up the Christmas tree last Sunday…I have pix of everyone chipping in, unfortunately theres nothing of the photographer…heres a couple… Posted by Picasa

Srikanth my senior from School came by today – he works with tittu at Sun Microsystems…Laughed about school and other things for half an hour…he is doing well for himself…I think he got the jitters after the last flooding in Bangalore…he is leaving for Mumbai tonight so he came to park his car here – fearing floods…


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