An Invitation

I am really cheesed off as I begin this blog…the sandwich wud taste real bitter ( pukey wuda bn the rite word) if u tried hogging on it…Had typed the entire blog for the day and bang something happens…machine hangs…I begin to wonder if qumana is really a good bet…coz it cudnt recover the 1000+worded draft I had typed…so it wud be the humble MS word to the rescue…? Dang…


Woke up as usual…did some reading…came out to fetch the newspaper…pretty late it was – had looked for the paper earlier at 7 it hadn’t come then. It was 9 when I finally decided id check it out again. Looked up and there across the street was Meena.


Meena is our neighbour, stays across the street and  has a 20 year old son. They are a family of three. She is a very pretty lady with a great smile. Had met her when she had come home on Diwali night to invite us to her house for some prayers they were organizing.


So here I was outside fetching the paper. I saw Meena and stood there. She caught me standing there and think waited for me to do/say something…mebbe raise my hand and wave out…No. I didn’t. I was shy perhaps. What she did next surprised me. She saw me standing there, so she raised her hand and waved. Then she pulled her hand back and asked me to come over to her place. I was stunned perhaps, so I waved back and did the –give-me-some-time sign.


I rushed in and had a shower and in 20 minutes I was out and going to her place. Bet she would have wondered what happened to me for those 20 minutes. Little did she know that I was excited wanting to talk to someone…really…it’s been quite boring actually these last couple of months inBangalore.


Ok so there I was crossing the road looking as presentable as I possibly could in the 20 minutes I had…I met Prem, Meena’s son as I reached the gate. I hadn’t met him before but Meena had mentioned him that Diwali night. Prem manages their liquor store on the new BEL road. It’s a good store, had visited it with Anchit when he wanted some Breezers…


Meena’s hubby was just leaving their apartment when I amble across. I don’t know his name…but he manages another liquor store of theirs near sanki tank.


I said hello to him and Meena and went inside…She did have a lovely smile…Her red painted lips did look good with her colourful red saree… I was in a mood to flirt. Flirt in a good sense without having any naughty thoughts…naaah…she was a sweet lady for such thots  to come to my mind.


They’ve moved into the house as tenants she was telling me. It’s been about three months now that they moved in.


“Beti kaisi hai?” (How’s you daughter). I heard her ask.

Phat I was knocked back…I knew she was talking to me coz there was no one else there.

“That’s my brother’s daughter.” I heard myself mumble.

“Oh!” she said sounding really surprised.

She must have started to wonder as I did…how and when did she get the equations of the house wrong.

“Tea?” she asked. “No” I said quickly hoping to buy some time and recollect thoughts.

“I’ll get you some”. she said and went inside

She must’ve been really embarrassed I thought to myself

But hey, what the heck.

She came back with half a cup of very strong tea. It tasted real good even to a coffee lover pretending to like tea in embarrassing circumstances.

I slurped slowly…but the tea seemed to empty real quick. Lol, yeah.

“So, Bangalore kaisa hai?”

Bangalore waisa hi hai…I thot.

“Achcha hai” I heard myself say…

“Business shuroo hua?” Damn she, remembered that…but didn’t remember how I had made the equation of the house clear to her when she had come over that night. Her arrival had surprised me and tittax when we saw her at the door that night. I remember coming down real quick…Even in the dark she had looked very pretty.


Anuja had opened the door that night and exchanged pleasantries when I joined the conversation. Tittu had not come into the room then. After the initial exchange Anuja went into the kitchen. I had sat on a chair next to Meena and Antra stood besides me. Anuja came a little while later and sat on the Diwan ( I think) Tittu entered a little while later… well possible reasons why she got the equations wrong then. But I remember very clearly having told her that Antra was their daughter…Mebbe my Hindi was not very good.


“Business shurro nahin hua hai abhi tak…Ab Bhi Jagah dekh raha hai. Jaldi shuro ho jayega” I said.

Realising that I was alone at their house and that she had called me there to her place thinking I was tittu or something made me a lil embarassed. I was telling myself I shouldn’t be staying there any longer. Not that I felt unwanted there anymore…Like I said she was a sweet lady. I bet she is still.


I stood up to go back home…Had some work to be done before the match started.

“Achca. I shall be taking leave.” I told her.

She smiled and said “Bhabhi ko kabhi kabhi idhar aane ko bolna.”

I smiled back shaking my head.

“Achcha mein chaltha hoon…” I said stepping outside.

“Teekh hai Bhaiyya. Phir milenge” She said

I looked up and watched her smile…that beautiful smile…as that sinking feeling slowly creeped in on me…





They started grinding the floor today. They hadn’t done anything yesterday. The machine came only at 5pm yesterday…Nagappa told me. I had a feeling the neighbours had objected to the noise from the grinding. I felt so coz the neighbours weren’t there today. The living room was being done…It seemed alrite. The pointing of the marbles was neat. I was still not too happy with the skirtings. Told Nagappa again. They had a few blocks of the marble kept in the car park. I think they didn’t want to cut them for the skirting. I understood.


The cracks on the wall…some of it was becoz of the lime cracking up. They use lime in Karnataka…in most other states they used putti or paint. They had used too much of lime which was why it had cracked. My creating the ruckus last time had worked actually. The excess lime from the wall was scrapped off.. Yeah the cracks weren’t visible. Except the big and deeper cracks on the joints and else where. I asked Nagappa for what sealant he is using – he said the sealant had come but he didn’t know which brand. I was pissed off but I didn’t show.


Called tittu and told him to tell Nazir to put a 5 amps 3 pin plug point in the bed room. He said he will. I told him there was no cracking up required. I doubt it would be done…anyways….


Yesterday…got a message from Pravina…chatted up with her for a while…Pravina was a junior at school – S.B.O.A Anna Nagar Chennai. She got my name from the names database. It was fun chatting up with her. She lives in Chennai with her hubby. I think I was driving her nuts by being ambiguous… for a change…


Sample this yahoo chat


Pravina: why are u still single?

Me       : because I didn’t marry.


Possible reason why she said I was driving her up the wall. Told her I couldn’t drive her up any wall. She would have to do it herself. I could only type…:)


It was a good conversation – though I didn’t figure out why she sounded cheesed off becoz she thot I was trying to save her pic onto my computer. I thot mebbe girls wud be happy some1 even thot of keeping their pic. I didn’t try to save any pic of hers actually. I dunno if yahoo says ur saving a picture if you click on the pic. I clicked on the pic to enlarge the pic. I dunno never did try to save her pic although she looked pretty…I didn’t see her well coz the conversation moved to why did you try to save my pic and me defending saying that I didn’t…neways that was areally dull part of that conversation.


I don’t recollect ever having seen anyone like her…in school. I mean – I don’t recollect her name at all. She said she remembered my name… Obviously…I was popular for all the wrong reasons…I think she liked it when I said that…but dunno if she cared…lol. Tittu also studied in the same school and he must have been only mebbe a year or two her senior. I was like 4 years her senior… and she said she remembered my name…Man was I that notorious…I must have been…I am smiling as I think about it…hehehe


So there goes…Pravina stays with Hubby  ( She says they call him Sheikh) in Anna Nagar…Spoke to her hubby today…seemed a nice guy works for TATA Tele…. More about Anna Nagar where I too lived some other day…


A good day actually…was fun.



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