An evening with Frenchie

Finally last evening was eventful after a lull of…what… 4 days?? It started of as it has always been these last couple of weeks… very slow…Woke up early as usual 4 am….(weird time… yeah i have heard that before…lol:). Well after i quit smoking and drinking…I ve been doing that 3 years now…quite a feat…lol…( waking up early I mean). The newspapers were dull again…It was all about Lallu’s loss rather than Nitish’s stunning victory…. I am not a big fan of the saffron brigade but, I sincerely hope we get to see some development happening there…15 years is darn too long for Lanterns in a state of a developing nation.Nithish remarked ” I have a huge task at hand”. Oh! Mr. Nitish Its not Huge…u put it so lightly…its a MONUMENTAL task u have at hand. I know you have a lot of intelligent people in Bihar…mebbe Lallu projected the lower strata most of the time…Go Nitish show us what u can do Good luck..I think u will needs lost of it…oh! yeah, lets see…I would like you to do the following.
Could you get some proper medical facilities organized in your state.? The roads of course… I will always remember the picture on the cover of India today some years ago…The bullock cart on a muddy road…with a sick person being taken to the “hospital” or some place like that. man I sure would not like to see that… I was so embarrassed…. Why should I be….? tell me I do not live in the same country which carries sick people on a bullock cart….!!!!
I’ve never lived in Bihar…but this is a mandate some one should make good use of. Bihar has a lot of money…some of the richest people come from there…I recollect what Sudhakar told me in college Bihar once had the largest number of privately owned aircraft’s in the country. Man was that something…the rest of the country would be happy with a car.


Am also glad Priya Dutt won the Mumbai Northwest loksabha Seat.

So Dada is back in the team…C’mon guys give him a break…Let him go out gracefully…For God’s sake he was the captain of the country….It’s another matter that he refuses to resign…or lets be fair here- retire. You are 33 Mr.Ganguly and ur not one of the fittest anymore or anywhere near it…My ex girlfriend could run faster than you dude…Yeah O.K O.k she never wore any padding. That gives you an edge eh!. So in 2007 you would be 25…no… 35 when the average age of the team is on 25-26???. Damn Dada face it – ur old – unless u could score runs…ur ass is on the line…. coming to think of it why would they call u DADA…I have a Dada in my family and he is pushing 85 ( Bless Him). So much for age, I thought mebbe they got Dada named for the test squad just before the kolkota one dayer…to prevent that bangla Backlash…on Friday at Kolkatta for the 4th One Dayer. I recollect what happened to Gavaskar at Culcutta when Kapil was dropped in the 80’s. So Ganguly or Dada wotever, save ur own ass…getting the newspapers to write an emotional piece on you would Uri daughter Sana..does not do the trick for me….I am more upset that Dinesh Karthick couldn’t find a place in the team. Imagine, that poor chap…he played well in tests and you score a laboured test 100 against whom…Zimbabwe…that u call ur shot for being in the team…Come on Dada u could do betther than that. Well, its your funeral…perform or perish. You would loose one fan in me if you dont…and i wouldnt be the only one not willing to watch you.

Went to the flat this morning….those jerks havent been polishing the marble floor for the last 2 days…Was really pissed off…I could never take such lethargy…not with my money…Spoke to tittu about it …he called up Nazir who called me up and told me that there was some technical problem with the machine…I didnt buy it. He told me that he would start work today. I would be really pissed if he doesnt. Spoke to Nagappa the local guy there. Told him i was not happy the way they have placed the skirtings – Damn these are professional bulders, how cud they be so careless…I took off on him…mebbe he was expecting it…I told him to relay the skirtings again with the grains running even…Lets hope he has some marble left. The flooring is also uneven – which of course would be evened out after grinding and polishing.Tittu was adamant that he wanted a Marble flooring…i didnt push him at all…but how could he…it so cold in bangalore…well anyways. But i have made it a point…i wont let him make mistakes. I was also not happy with the wiring. They used some Vijay cables – never heard of them before – it didnt even have ISI markings on them. Told Nagappa to tell me today what he planned to do for all that i told him yesterday. The walls also had cracks on them – I guess it was not “cured” properly. The living room has a big crack on the wall, the masterbedroom also had some cracks on the walls… Surely tittu did not push hard with the contractors…Nagappa told me that they would be using fillers for the cracks…let me see what they would be uisng….Must tell tittu not to take these flaws lightly.. I think he was pissed off when i pointed them out, in the first place, when i went to the flat earlier with him. That got him worried too…man he had missed all of it…mebbe he thot those guys would do a good job.Well neways all is not lost I am going to take their pants off… if they dont rectify the flaws.

Finally Frenchie called…said we’d meet up in the evening…and we did…It was raining…so took the car. Sharief looked a lil cheesed off having had to come in the rains…but what the heck he didnt have to come for two days…Frenchie came in about 20 minutes after i reached his house in Indira Nagar…man his flat was messy. But then thats how eccentric guys are i thot… He later told me that the cleaning lady comes only on weekeneds…Thats when he would be “setting up” up the place…. I didnt have trouble finding the place… Frenchie is good and very clear at giving directions…He thot we would be staying at his place for the evening… I told him i didnt want to watch him drink… Took some pictures of some work he did in his spare time… It looked stunning… he said he never has time anymore to work on art seriously…which is sad…He had talent… I could see that…This is the pic.
I told him to design a business card for me… for a moment i thot i saw his eyes light up…He then said yes, “provided I give him life long free meals at my restaurant”.
“Hey thats no problem” i said…” but what if i open a coffee shop…you dont drink coffee” we laughed…. But i guess he has taken up on my offer… Later he asked me what i had in mind for the card I told him id let him know. We talked about the business i was planning…
“A restauramt” I lied
“Ah! you never told me that before” he said
” I Havent finalised the project yet.It all depends on the location…Bangalore is frigging expensive”
“Yeah”, He agreed ” mebbe you should meet a classmate of mine. He is in this business. He could help you. His name is John Ignatius” Frenchie said.”
Yeah I know him. He was once my boss” Frenchie nodded.
” So what is the restaurant that he owns” I asked He rolled his eyes up thinking. As he was thinking i said “come lets get out… “”Where do you want to go he asked…”
“Anywhere lets get out of here”
” Id like some good steak” he said…
” Fine with me as long as they have vegetarian for me…” He loooked puzzled.
“Yeah they do”
The drive was short we decided to go to “100ft” a boutique restaurant located on 100ft road in Indira nagar. I rememebr tittu showing the restaurant to me once. Gave sharief 100 bucks and told him to go have dinner and call me when he was back.
The restaurant for classy with a groundfloor having lot of art and couture stuff. I saw an ashtry which was particularly interesting. here it is V
Its shaped like an Indian closet…very trendy. Frenchie brought one for himself later yesterday.


We had for starters
Spinach and Potato Kibbe —- Excellent
Cottage cheese ( Paneer Shaslik)—– Good

Main Course
Cannelloni——– Very Good
Spaghetti Bolognaise———- He said it was delicious

Kingfisher beer————- Well done frenchie
Fresh Lime soda————- They didnt have any fresh juices…unbelievable!!!!!

100 ft is a classy and expensive boutique restaurant. The waiters, they (old guys frenchie said) were very friendly smart and knowledgeable.

The ambience was very good…Somehow i thot mebbe it would have been better to sit in the courtyard…Frenchie remarked the same when we were leaving.

Bangalore is cold and wet these days… but it sure is fun….

“Evulava tip vechai da…?”Frenchie asked curiously as i paid up
“noor ruba” I said….”F*** good man…Most guys keep 20 bucks” he said…which was shocking . Such low tippers…I had thot mine was low…Well, we both had to agree on one thing –
“Man we are from this industry we know what it is to be a waiter” I said….
“I saw him shaking his head and agreeing” He also had a big grin…It was a good evening

Cafe Prime Time – Thats the restaurant John runs, He told me during the evening

Dropped him home and and drove straight back…was hoping to get a call from Musicnut (more about her later) or seema. None called but there was a message from seema waiting which said – sms on this number and logon to yahoo she said. I did and i Found her after a while. There were no emails for me last evening… So i didnt have any post on myfunnyemails yesterday.

Seema came online a little while later…I was happy that I had her number. She had promised me a coffee date before Saturday…I was pretty excited expecting her to confirm it, little did i know that she was into some online MLM business and wanted to enroll me too. I refused..Boy i hate to be played. She said she would definetely get me enrolled. “Most of them come back to join sooner or later” So thats what she did… getting guys to join some crappy MLM scheme. She said she was doing well…I believe her…She could use her charm very effectively. She said shes been on it for 3 weeks and shes got 32 people enrolled by her…Thats some work she’s done i thot…Man this women knows how to use her charm. I will meet her i said to myself. But hell no, I wont join those MLM schemes before i logged off. I thot i saw her type… Call me tomorrow…Maybe…Maybe…i said before I logged off


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  1. renuka said


    i don’t know if u get to see comments posted on archived posts…but anyway…the indian toilet ashtray is made and sold by my friend rajat from delhi…you can check out other equally hilarious merchandise on

    have fun…


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